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Calling all nomads to take the #plasticfreenomad challenge 

The time for awareness-raising is over, it’s time for action!

But how to tackle the plastic challenge as a traveller, sailor, vagabond, living a nomadic life where the only constant is there is no constant? Where travelling with glass jars and buying in bulk are not really options?

Here I’ll share plastic-free nomad hacks from my +10 years of nomad life lessons, explorations and investigations that can help you tackle plastic in your nomad live and beyond!

Step by step we will climb a (plastic-free) mountain – and sail a plastic-free ocean!

The whole plastic challenge can be overwhelming. Key focus is: simplify! It doesn’t have to be hard. It’s doesn’t have to be perfect. To make substantial changes it can be simple, sweet and sustainable. None of it is rocket science. It’s often simply a change in thinking, preparation and anticipation. Be prepared for the unexpected!

Challenge yourself and your friends. Share your wins this month to inspire your friends how simple changes can really make a difference!

Share your wins with #PLASTICFREENOMAD on the socials so we can cheer each other to a cleaner sea.




Hi! My name is Suzanne. I'm here to help you go on ocean adventures and make positive impact for a healthier ocean. Explore this website to learn what I do and how you can make some splashes too!

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