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How to make your own toothpaste? It’s super simple, healthy, cheap, light and ocean-friendly!
I made a quick how-to video of making your own ocean-friendly, cheap and simple toothpaste! I had a few Ocean Nomads staying in my house getting ready to set sail across the Atlantic and further. As real ecopirates we made ourselves a batch of ocean friendly toothpaste. It’s supersimple. Here’s how! 

1. Why make your own toothpaste?

It’s better for the environment and for you! And it’s much easier on the wallet too. It literally takes you 1 minute. So why not? Toothpaste tubes and boxes are wasteful and hard to recycle. DIY toothpaste is package free. The content of modern-day toothpaste is now also proven to actually damage your teeth and gums as they disrupt the bacterial community in our mouth. There has been more tooth decay in the past 100 years than in any previous century, millions of root canals are performed annually and cavities have become the norm (1). Why is this when we brush our tooth twice a day?  Part of the reason may be in the contents of toothpaste. Many mainstream brands contain harmful or even toxic ingredients such as: Triclosan, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), Artificial colorings and, Fluoride (2). We can choose to avoid this by simply making our own toothpaste.

2. The recipe

Baking Soda (2 spoons), Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (2 spoons) and optionally: an essential oil of your preference and activated charcoal.  There are lots of other recipes out on the web, a bit more advanced. I like to keep things simple and it works. Check out the resources below to learn what the pro’s say.

Additional Resources

Insightful Podcast where On Air with Ella interviews Nadine Artemis, DIY toothcare guru.

An article worth reading on natural toothcare by The Wellness Mama. 

Recommended book: Holistic Dental Care by Nadine Artemis




DIY TOOTHPASTE (International)




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