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Travel by Sail

A way of travel to reach places you can't reach by any other means. Read stories and tips on boathitchhiking, crewing, and sailing the world.

Nomad Life

Practical, inspirational and ethical tips, stories, and considerations for sailinglife, vanlife, and digital nomad life.

Natural Living

Live with nature. Happy, healthy, simple, circular and resourceful.


Exploration gives a new set of eyes. If not now, then when? Start here!


Tips, stories, information, and inspiration to do your bit for a better planet and healthier ocean.


How to write a book, set up a crowdfunding, and become an ocean entrepeneur. Lessons learned and starting points to accelerate your ambitions.



Travel the Caribbean Sea with me winter 2022/2023


Hi! My name is Suzanne.

I’m slow travelling oceans by sail, van & fins while cultivating conscious living 🌱.  I‘m here to help you go on ocean adventures, and share encouragement for a more conscious way of life with nature. Be kind and curious, explore, experience ocean magic and help to keep the ocean playground alive.

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