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Travel by Sail

A way of travel to reach places you can't reach by any other means. Read stories and tips on boathitchhiking, crewing, and sailing the world.

Van Life

Practical, inspirational and ethical tips, stories, and considerations for sailing life


Tips and inspiration on long distance hiking


Exploration gives a new set of eyes. If not now, then when? Start here!

Healthy & Eco Lifestyle

Tips, stories, information, and inspiration for a healthier your and planet.


Practical, inspirational and ethical tips, stories, and considerations for sailinglife, vanlife, and digital nomad life.
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Hi! My name is Suzanne.

For more than 15 years, I’ve been travelling oceans by sail, van & fins while cultivating conscious living 🌱.  For years, I travelled on a sailboat. Since 4 years, my adventure basecamp is my campervan, my first car, and my first house. And since two years I’m thru-hiking. This summer I’ll walk across the Pyrenees with my dog. 

I‘m here to help you go on ocean and wilderness adventures, and share encouragement for a memorable and conscious nomadic way of life with nature. Explore the tips and inspiration on travelling by sailboat, van life, hiking, freediving, ayurveda and natural conscious nomadic living, and wild style.

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The Novice Ocean Explorer Course

Out now! My brand new course on Travel the World by Sailboat if You Don’t Have a Boat or Much Sailing Experience – How to Do it Happy, Safe, and Sustainable, as amateur Crew. For adventure travellers curious about sailboat travel in a hands-on way. The course I wish was out there when I started sailing 8 years ago.

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Book Ocean Nomad

No boat? No big budget? No sailing experience? But an urge for ocean adventure…  No problem!  Sail the Atlantic Ocean as a Crew Member.

Discover what it feels like to wake up on the ocean, breathe the ocean air, have the wind in your hair, navigate by the stars, live simple and resourceful, and be eye to eye with dolphins. Day in, day out. 

Packed with practical advice and stories, Ocean Nomad guides you from the idea of “someday I would like to go on a sailing trip”, to sipping a coconut on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean celebrating the achievement.

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