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the book

Ocean Nomad

The Complete Atlantic Sailing Crew Guide

How to Catch a Sailboat Ride & Contribute to a Healthier Ocean

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Book Ocean Nomad

No boat? No big budget? No sailing experience? But an urge for ocean adventure… No problem! Sail the Atlantic Ocean as a Crew Member.

Discover what it feels like to wake up on the ocean, breathe the ocean air, have the wind in your hair, navigate by the stars, live simple and resourceful, and be eye to eye with dolphins on a transatlantic voyage. Day in, day out.

Packed with practical advice and stories on navigating the trade winds, Ocean Nomad guides you from the idea of “someday I would like to go on an Atlantic Crossing”, to sipping a coconut on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean celebrating the achievement. 

This 400-page interactive Atlantic Crossing Sailing Crew guide is packed with inspiration and ‘how-to’s (and how not’s) on how to cross the Atlantic ocean as crew. If you aspire to sail across the Atlantic, this is the resource to make it happen: happy, safe and meaningful. It is full of practical advice and stories, persuading and informing the traveller to go from the idea of “I would like to cross the Atlantic”, to sipping a coconut on the other side celebrating. Ocean Nomad provides:
🥥 A comprehensive look at all aspects of crewing
🥥 Essential knowledge on routes, seasons, weather, costs, kind of boats, and destinations for the Atlantic crossing.
🥥 How to find a boat (extensive review of all crew websites and marina’s to find your luck, and tips on promoting yourself)
🥥Tips and Checklists on (eco-friendly) packing, assessing safety, captain and capability, and provisioning.
🥥 Interviews of 32 captains, 58 crew members who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean for a wide perspective.
In addition to providing the ‘how-to’s of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on a yacht as crew, Ocean Nomad informs and raises awareness about the state of our ocean, including +75 actionable takeaways on how you can make a difference for a healthier ocean as sailors and anyone.

Hi! My name is Suzanne.

I hitched my first ride across the Atlantic as a complete newbie to the world of sailing. Since then, I’ve sailed across the Atlantic five times on strangers’ sailboats (3 at the time of publishing the book). In fact, I’ve explored almost every ocean on this planet with this alternative way of travel. Through these experiences, I’ve figured out how (and how not) to catch rides on other people’s boats. The adventures at sea have opened my eyes to the breathtaking beauty of nature and also to the daunting challenges our oceans are facing. My aim with book Ocean Nomad is to help adventure-seekers aspiring to sail across the atlantic ocean, experience the magic of high seas, broaden their horizons, and encourage positive change for our oceans.

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A buffet of 400 pages! Covering:

Section: On Shore

  1. The Adventure of a transatlantic crossing

What’s the adventure all about? Should you sail across the atlantic ocean? Or maybe offshore sailing is not for you?

  1. Atlantic Ocean Passage: The Bearings and Navigation

Learn about the atlantic routes and seasons across the North Atlantic. From where and when do boats cross the Atlantic? Tips on sailing east to west and sailing from West to East. How much time and money does it cost? What weather can I expect when crossing the Atlantic by sailboat?

  1. The Search For a Ride

How, where and when can you find a boat on the transatlantic route? What is the best time to cross in the northern hemisphere? This chapter includes a thorough analysis of relevant crew websites to find your sailing trip, popular with all biggest crew websites and crew finders interviewed.

  1. Atlantic-Passage Harbours

Practical destination and boat search information on the main Atlantic circuit ports of departure and arrival: Gibraltar, Las Palmas and other Canary Islands ports, Cape Verde, St. Maarten, Bermuda, the Azores and a more tips on where to find your sailboat crew adventure locally for you ocean crossing.

  1. Safety & Happiness Check

Go through the safety and happiness checklist to find out if it’s a reliable, safe, and happy captain, crew, and boat match. Learn what captains expect from you as a crew member. What agreements should you make when crossing an ocean?

  1. Take-Aways For The Captain

The focus of the book is on crew. But for a safe and happy passage, collaboration, communication, and expectation management between the captain and crew is key. This chapter provides some useful info for captains considering looking for volunteer sailing crew.

  1. Preparation: On Land

Good preparation can make or break the ocean sailing experience. How to prepare as crew? What sailing skills are important? What should you think of before stepping on board? From telling your mom, the packing challenge, and preparation for seasickness, it is all here.

  1. Preparation: On Board
How to provision for an Atlantic crossing? What to bear in mind? And how to stay healthy on board?

Section: On the Ocean

  1. Stories from the Ocean

What is it like to be on the ocean? Read ocean stories from the different boats I’ve sailed across the Atlantic ocean with as crew. Sailing from Europe to the Caribbean. And sailing from the Caribbean to Europe.

  1. Life at Sea, Happenings & Situations

“We have a situation” is a phrase you’ll hear on every boat, multiple times, if not daily when you sail across the atlantic ocean. What happens at sea during a transatlantic voyage? And how do you tackle various situations as a crew member? Learn about being on ‘Watch’, and how to deal with aspects like cooking, washing, sleep, boredom, limited resources, waste, and fellow crew.

Section: On the Other Side

  1. Landing And Leaving the Azores

Can you just leave the boat as crew? How to dispose of waste? Is it easy to find another sail boat ride or job once you arrive?

  1. Back On Land

What’s it like in the Caribbean and West Indies? What’s it like in Europe? How to go around on a budget? Where to find a coconut?

Section: Ocean Love & Conservation

  1. Why is the Ocean So Important?

By experiencing the ocean first hand on a sailing boat, you will be amazed by its beauty, gain a deep respect for its power, and also see its decline. Why is the ocean so important in the first place?

  1. What is Happening To The Oceans?

We hear about climate change, plastic pollution, overfishing and many other challenges! But what is actually happening to the oceans?

  1. What is Being Done to Save the ocean? 

Read about a selection of ocean organisations that inspire, provide good data, and that can help you learn more about the ocean. They are all eager for you to get involved!

  1. What Can You Do as Sailing Crew? 

What can we do as a crew member to make a difference for the ocean? How can you minimise your impact? How can you contribute? What can we do at the frontline, as sailors, with our special connection to the sea?

“A highly organized and helpful book with routes, ports, websites, and even some of the bars you should hang-out or go duckwalking to find your ride. Clear thinking and attention to details make Ocean Nomad useful to any captain or crew for an ocean passage. Her passion for conservation and sustainability offers insight into a ‘vagabond’ lifestyle that is also socially responsible.”

Yachting World

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Feel good about buying this book! All proceeds go to more content creation for a healthier ocean.

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