Reading, Watching & Listening

What I read, watch, listen to and recommend

Ocean podcasts

Sustainability podcasts

Personal development podcasts

Ocean Education

One Planet, One Ocean (Free) | A holistic view of how the ocean functions, how human interactions with the ocean can be understood, and what solutions are available to support both sustainable use and stewardship of our blue planet.

Natural Medicine 

Ayurveda Basics – Super instructor. Affordable. Bite-size videos and a wonderful introduction to Ayurveda.

Herbalism  – Identify & Harvest Medicinal Plants Certificate. I’m half way in this one and love it.

Natuurvoedingsadviseur – (in Dutch) Holistische cursus die je op eigen tempo kan doen en je opleidt to natuur voedings adviseur. Ik ben aan het sparen er voor :) Vrij betaalbaar.


NauticEd has many affordable sailing-related online courses

Personal Development

The Science of Wellbeing – Yale University

Gear & Zero Waste Nomad Tools and Things

What I use to explore, minimize negative and maximize positive impact.

Online Tools & Apps

How I make my life, oceanpreneurial thingies and travels easier

Grammarly – Edits and improves spelling and writing.

ActiveCampaign for Email Newsletters

Mailerlite for a budget email service tool


Learning / Reading

Pocket – Save articles to read them later offline

Blinkist – Read key insights from best-selling books in 15 minutes

SkyGuide -With this app you can scan the sky and learn about the stars and constellations over your head.

Memrise – A playful app to learn a language.


99Designs. Crowdsource design for you cover, interior, website logo, name it.

Canva For everything from social media posts, blogheader, bookcover to video animations.

CreativeMarket To find creative fonts, templates, website themes, presentations.

Citizen Science
  • CleanSwell – Contribute to the largest research on marine debris. Record each item of trash you collect in the harbour, at sea, and on the beach.
  • Marine Debris Tracker – Report where you find what marine debris anywhere in the world.
Community & Communication

MightyNetworks for the Ocean Nomads Platform

Thrivecart for selling e-products like my book and upcoming courses (no subscription fee)

Simyo Data sim card (Dutch)

Slack for Team work

Jitsu for video meetings

Weather & Watersport Apps

Navionics (For Navigation)

Anchor Pro (For anchor safety)

Windy (For the Weather)

Navily (Anchorage Reviews)

Magic Seaweed (For surfing)

Surf Forecast (For surfing)


TopSail – Crew Insurance

Pantaenius – Skipper Liability Insurance

SafetyWing – Budget medical insurance (also covers offshore sailing)


Apnea trainer – Train your lungs; useful for getting superpowers and levelling up the freedive skills

Clue – Period tracker


PlantSnap Online plant encyclopedia and identifier

Picturethis Online plant encyclopedia and identifier


Camper vanlife

Park4Night to find out about camper spots

Campercontact to find out about camper spots

I overlander Non profit volunteer run overland app



Trading & transferring

Transferwise – For sending money abroad

Bitvavo – For trading CryptoCurrency

DeGiro – For Investing

Don’t ask me any other questions about the above. I’m a total newbie in this but these tools I’ve been recommended by my banking family and friends, are safe, and work well. You need to know what you’re doing. With Ocean Nomads some crypto savvy members host a workshop on this.


BuyMeACoffee – For Creator support

Sometimes links to ocean-friendly items contain affiliate links. If you’re looking to purchase something, huge thanks if you purchase it via this website (but try to find it locally first). At no extra cost to you, orders and bookings through this website give me a tiny piece of the pie that helps me keep investigating, exploring and creating content about ocean action and solutions! Here are more ways to support ocean awareness and action. Splashthanks!