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I’m beyond excited to finally have a toilet—a compost toilet. What a game-changer in my nomad life! I won’t need to scout for toilet places in the wild anymore, which often literally takes an hour of my day.
In this blog post, I review the Kildwick MiniLoo Hydro Compost toilet I’ve used for the past year in my campervan. After 4 years of living in the van, it was time to install a toilet! What a game-changer. I can’t believe I didn’t get a compost toilet before. I can recommend it to any vanlifer, sailors, offgrid person, and anyone really. Read on why.
Living a nomadic lifestyle, whether on the high seas, on wheels, or in a tiny house off the grid, requires a unique set of solutions to everyday challenges. One such challenge is managing human waste. The traditional flush toilet system is usually not viable due to its water and electricity demands. However, a sustainable, practical, and eco-friendly alternative is the compost toilet. 
One of the best upgrades you can make for your campervan, camping trip or sailboat if you haven’t yet.

Summary of the Review on Kildwick separation toilet DIY kit

Quick facts about The Kildwick Compost Toilet:

  • A DIY separation toilet
  • It’s a complete DIY kit with a box, a separator, two canisters for separating solids and liquids, a toilet seat, and a lid.
  • 8.2 Kilo 
  • Different models ranging from 399 – 799 euro
(+ Discount option at the end of this blog)

Why choose the Kildwick Toilet? 

  • It’s simple, stylish, and great value for money
  • It’s size. It’s less deep than other models
  • It’s one of the lightest toilets out there
  • A small local German company with a big heart for nature
  • It doesn’t get smelly without a fan.
  • Only need to empty it once in 2 weeks
  • Waterproof
  • It’s solid and has a 5-year material warranty


Why use a compost toilet?

I have an actual bathroom in my 90’s campervan. It has had the standard chemical toilet, which I never used as I didn’t like the chemical aspect of it. Also, as I mostly find myself in remote places and am SLOW travelling in capital letters, it’s not practical for me to find a poo disposal station. It’s unnecessary driving, and also, where does that shizzle go? It just doesn’t make sense.
Scouting for a bathroom in the wild has been fine for a while, but sometimes, it can take up too much time. It was time for a change and to get a toilet. So I disassembled the chemical toilet, made someone very happy with it on the second-hand market, and installed the Kildwick compost toilet. 
Compared to the chemical toilets that most campervan people still use, a compost toilet is a sustainable, practical, and eco-friendly alternative to a standard toilet. Here’s why we should all consider a compost toilet:
  • 🌿 They’re eco-friendly: No water, no chemicals, no electricity. We’ll be turning waste into compost and giving back to Mother Nature.
  • 💰 They’re cost-effective: Say goodbye to expensive plumbing systems or sewage issues.
  • 🚐 They’re convenient, portable, and easy to install. They’re perfect for camping, vanlife or sailing communities.
  • 🆓 They bring freedom: No attachment to sewage systems and no need to drive to the poo stations – ultimate self-sufficiency!
  • 👍 They’re easy to maintain: Just empty it every week or two – simple and efficient
It’s the perfect camping toilet, camper toilet, offgrid toilet and sailboat toilet.

About Kildwick Compost Toilets

Logo of featuring an emblem with a stylized leaf and the text "compost toilets" underneath.

Kildwick is a small, authentic German business that saved the brand after its previous founders filed for bankruptcy. They have a big heart for sustainability in all aspects of product creation. The compost toilets are made in Germany from the most environmentally friendly materials.  They have eight different kinds of compost toilets and parts so you can build your own. They have one for every solution you’d need. I have the Kildwick Hydro which is the darker box (#4).

Five different styles of modern wooden beehives isolated on a white background.

So, how does a compost toilet actually work?  It just looks and sits like a normal Western toilet. Basically, a compost toilet works by separating liquids and solids so the solids get dry and you don’t have nasty odours and spills. A compost toilet is also often called a ‘dry toilet’ because it doesn’t need flushing. The separation toilet has a spillguard to prevent any mess. The urine diverter ensures that liquids are redirected away from the solids, keeping everything nice and dry. The urine container is easy to empty, of course, thoughtfully in wild natural places and not in front of your neighbour’s van parking. To dispose of the solid waste, you dig a hole and compost accordingly. 

What I like about the Kildwick MiniLoo Hydro Compost toilet

best budget compost toilet for camper

Besides the overall benefits of compost toilets as described above, I like the Kildwick one for the following reasons:

Pro’s of this compost toilet

  • It’s simple and doesn’t get smelly. I don’t have a fan for it, but I also haven’t had the need.
  • The dimensions are practical in my camper (More width and less depth than other models)
  • The design is carefully thought out and makes for a durable toilet.
  • It’s one of the lightest-weight compost toilets I found
  • The container capacity is great. It only needs emptying every 1-2 weeks.
  • DHL delivered very fast and easily. If you are a nomad moving and do not have an address, you can have it sent to a DHL office on your route.
  • Both compartments have a handle, making it an easy-to-carry bucket. Also, they both have lids for a spill-free experience :)
  • It doesn’t capsize. Even with me driving on bumpy offroad routes sometimes, I’ve never had a spill. 
  • I have the hydro edition, which allows for getting wet. I don’t actually use the shower, but I often have wet wetsuits in the same room, and all goes well together.
  • I like the magnet system for the toilet seat. It’s solid and steady.
  • It looks cool! It could even be a seat if you want. 
  • The packaging has been thoroughly thought of to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. No plastic has been used.

Con’s of this compost toilet

  • The compartments are white, making it a tiny bit shine through.
  • The composting toilet DIY kit took me a while to put it all together. Thanks to the brilliant instruction video and instruction manual, it was actually very easy to assemble, and the most clumsy, non-technical person could do it. But you have to find some time and space to do it. That said, they also offer fully assembled toilets. 
  • The seat height is rather high, which seems to be the case with most compost toilets. A little box below your feet could give you a bit more natural ‘squatting’ position when doing your thing. Kilwick also has lower compost toilets, but you’d have to compromise on the litres.
An outdoor setup with a variety of unpacked boxes, bottles, and packaging materials on a patterned rug, with a dog partially visible at the edge.

The DIY compost toilet pack.

The main downside of a dry toilet is that it makes cleaning your bum with a portable bidet harder. I find this cleaner than using toilet paper but with a separation unit and a rather high seat, it’s not so easy.


Team Kildwick responded very quickly to emails and delivered the package quickly. The video tutorials and instruction manual make it super easy to assemble the toilet.

A few more personal tips on operating the compost toilet

I don’t use the bags, as they still create waste. I find using just the bucket for the solids easier and cleaner. I put a little sand in the bottom to make emptying smooth and easy to clean.

First-person perspective from a bicycle handlebar with a mounted white basket, overlooking a vast, flat desert landscape with tire tracks.

Me on a mission!
To clean and avoid smelly liquids, I have a spray bottle of water, vinegar, and essential oil to rinse after doing business. Charcoal is great for minimizing the smell. I have a little bag hanging in the bathroom.
Coconut fibres are great for making the solids drier. 


Kilwick compost toilets range from 369 euro – 839 euro

The Kildwick is competitively priced compared to other compost toilets
There are very fancy compost toilets out there.
I have a Kildwick discount code for you at the bottom of this post:)

Alternative compost toilets I looked at

I looked into building one myself, but I noticed the price of the separators and the other materials was rather high, so I opted for a DIY kit. If you go completely DIY, make sure everything seals very, very, very well! If you don’t, it could get nasty odors or spill easily. Kildwick has done an amazing job at this with their DIY kit.
Boxio, a very compact and even more budget option. This one would be good for camping trips.
Trobolo. I also liked this one, but my camper’s dimensions were less favourable. 
Trelino. A little more expensive
Sepperat. Most expensive and fancy
The most popular one amongst sailors and advanced RV-ers: Nature’s head.
In the end, Kildwick was my preferred option because of its dimensions, weight, waterproof features, ease of delivery at a DHL point, and the responsiveness of the Kildwick team. 


I recommend the Kildwick compost toilet! Mainly because of its simplicity, price, dimension, and light weight.

Why choose the Kildwick Toilet? 

  • It’s simple, stylish, and great value for money
  • It’s size. It’s less deep than other models
  • It’s one of the lightest toilets out there
  • A small local German company with a big heart for nature
  • It doesn’t get smelly without a fan.
  • Only need to empty it once in 2 weeks
  • It’s relatively easy to clean thanks to taking off different parts easily.

Where to buy the Kildwick Compost toilet?

Check out Kildwick Compost Toilets
Here’s a discount code for the Kildwick Compost Toilet for you: Oceannomads5 gives you 5% discount on their toilets.

This is the model my review is based on: MiniLoo Hydro

As an Ocean Nomads Community member you get 10% off your compost toilet. Not a member yet? Check out all the benefits of joining the ocean nomads community  (The membership fee is similar to the discount you’d get, if not more).

The toilet and different DIY components or replacements parts are also available on Amazon.

The journey towards a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle requires innovative solutions. A compost toilet is one of those steps towards reducing your environmental footprint while reaping benefits on both personal and global scales. Whether sailing the high seas, embracing vanlife, or dwelling off-grid, the time to make a change is now. I hope compost toilets are becoming more the norm. It’s such a simple and effective method, a great way to reduce power and water consumption and improve sanitation world-wide.

Have you tried a composting toilet? Which one? Drop a comment! Feel free to ask any further questions in the comments. 



Disclaimer: As always, opinions are my own. What drives me is saving the ocean. If you’re looking to purchase the Kildwick compost toilet, or any other eco and adventure travel tools or gear huge thanks if you purchase it via this website At no extra cost to you, orders and bookings through this website give me a tiny piece of the pie that helps me keep investigating, exploring, and creating content about on ocean action and solutions! Kildwick sent me a toilet for in partnership with me and the Ocean Nomads community. I’m not getting paid to write the above, and it’s 100% my opinion. 



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