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Intro to COsagres

Somewhere in the South West corner of Portugal, there’s something beautiful in the making: COsagres. In the middle of the natural park, close to the ocean, an old farm on a large plot of land is turned into a cool coliving adventure community with nature, outdoor play and circular design at the center of stage. There’ll be studios, apartments, a yoga space with views of the ocean, communal spaces, a natural pool, a place to pitch a tent, park a van, grow food, and lots more room to play, develop, build, and create. All in tune with the local culture, nature, and architecture. We don’t need to figure it all out by ourselves, to buy and build it by ourselves. This project is about sharing, caring, and collaborating so we can reach further, be more, do more, and making those dreams come true.

This is just the beginning

How did I get involved with COsagres?

In my hunt for potential Ocean Nomads basecamps I came across Into the Wild Algarve, a wild natural eco glamping paradise build over the years by Dutchies Dave and Sonya. Unfortunately, it all burned down in June 2020. But it accelerated their spirit to develop CoSagres. I’ve sat down with Dave and Sonya a few times now to learn more, explore ways to team up, and get to know each other. Lots of beautiful ideas are brewing how CoSagres and I, and Ocean Nomads can join forces. But most importantly it’s sharing it with the right people, sharing a positive ‘dream it, do it’ mindset and values of healthy living, nature, adventure, collaborating, creating and caring for each other and the environment. This is fundamental. And this is why we’re calling you! So far we’re a beautiful mix of entrepreneurs, nature lovers, surfers, sailors, and creatives of all sorts simply after having access to a peaceful positive vibed place in nature and to build something beautiful together.

We’re looking for a few more entrepreneurial nature-minded souls to complete the team! NOW is the time to say hi!

Moodboard COsagres!

Invest in COsagres

Are you in search of a little piece of natural paradise in Portugal and believe in the value on sharing and doing this together? Do you say YEAH, I must learn more and get involved! AND are you able and keen to invest financially into a share of this adventure eco-paradise? Then let me hear from you now. Contact me with a little introduction about who you are, why you’d like to be involved and I’ll introduce you to a video and presentation of the place.  Or for fast movement, join the COsagres discussion and interest group on Ocean Nomads and access all the info’s right away. 

Stay in the loop and team up

Are you interested to play part one way or the other but not in a position right now to financially invest? Soon there’ll be opportunities to team up, work exchange, skills exchange, campervan parking, and later also a place to host retreats, camps and other nature-minded creative activities.

Follow @cosagres  @oceannomads @oceanpreneur and sign up for the newsletters (COsagres / OceanNomads / Oceanpreneur) to stay informed on the latest and first calls for volunteers and retreat organize possibilities. 



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