Meet the Atlantic Ocean Boathitchikers

Here it is! The first episode of Ocean Nomad TV. In this video we walk around the marina in Las Palmas to meet the Atlantic Ocean Boathitchikers and I introduce you a little bit what Ocean Nomad TV is about. Mil Gracias and thank you to all the inspirational and kind (aspiring) sailors that were happy to make a contribution to the video! You all are inspiring examples on how life can lived and lifetime memories are created. From most of you I’ve heard, you found a boat and made it safely to the other side! :D


About Ocean Nomad TV

It’s time to bring some stories out to you! From total newbie in sailing to becoming a captain and building a boat, and do what I can to raise awareness for a healthier ocean along the way! The mission: revive Caribbean boatbuilding tradition and save the seas! Take part, support the mission, and become a Very Important Pirate. You’ll receive exclusive pirate access,

Resources from the video:

Blogpost: Tips for aspiring sailors in Las Palmas Book Ocean Nomad: the Complete Atlantic Sailing Crew Guide: Catch a Sailboat Ride & Contribute to a Healthier Ocean. FAQ by newbies & aspiring crew For those after a lifestyle of salt, freedom, and purpose: Explore Ocean Nomad Life Read how to deal with waste when sailing the ocean Enjoy & Ahoy!

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 The mission: To connect people to the sea. From ocean experience comes awareness. From that, comes caring. From caring comes action and leadership. How? By building a Circular Carriacou sailing sloop and sail her with ocean literacy project as heading.

Determined to preserve the legacy of the traditional wooden boatbuilding in the Caribbean as well as educating Islanders on ocean environmental challenges, a new sloop must be built.

Ocean Nomad documents the journey. Made possible by VIPs.





Hi! My name is Suzanne. I'm here to help you go on ocean adventures and make positive impact for a healthier ocean. Explore this website to learn what I do and how you can make some splashes too!

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