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Jump on board! Come sailing with us and learn about this alternative style of travel: by sailboat!

Simple. Sustainable & Free. In search for action, adventure, a meaningful experience, new learnings and meeting new like-minded people from all over the world? Jump on board the flotilla and spend a week with Paula “Allende los Mares” and I, Suzanne “The Oceanpreneur”: 2 sailing boats, 15 adventure people exploring Sicilian waters in September!

About the Adventure

We’ll navigate to the beautiful bays, coves and islands of Sicily, learn, live, and explore together. We raft up and gather up to talk about our lifestyles of eternal travel by sailboat. How it works, and how it doesn’t… Paula and I will share the ins and outs of our sailing adventure ocean nomad lives of crewing and how we would do it again (and how not), and how we make it meaningful and sustainable. All we would have love to know before we embarked on sailing adventures! We won’t make too much of a plan. Since it will never go as planned and as we have learned over the years the greatest adventure and excitement is in the unknown!


The itinerary will be determinate mostly by the forecast, we will follow the wind ;) Our investigative spirit will bring us to the off the beaten path and pretty places. There will be two trips, 8th to 15th and, 15th to 22nd of September. We will be leaving on Saturday from PortoRosa, Sicily, the first day we will get to know each other, the captains will present you some possible itineraries and spots in the area, we will decide together where to go, if someone has a different suggestion it will be welcomed. We will also talk with the locals for their recommendations. We will come back to the same port the Saturday after.

Who is this adventure for?

This trip is for you if you…

  1. have an Adventure-Spirit, Curiousity and Big Dreams!
  2. like to get into sailing but don’t know where to start.
  3. like to make meaningful connections with fellow (aspiring) ocean nomads.
  4. heard about ‘boathitchhiking’ and like to learn how it works.
  5. like to live simple, healthy and meaningful
  6. don’t like strict schedules for travelling, and prefer to go with the flow.
  7. eat, dream, breath the sea!
  8. aspire sail away and never return.


Your Captains

Paula and I have both started from zero in sailing a couple of years ago. We have been boathitchhiking for a few years living more at sea than land and learning the ropes along the way. We’ve been sharing the magic on Youtube, Social Media and on our blogs. The real magic happens at sea! Now we are qualified captains (Yachtmaster Offshore) and are ready to take YOU out sailing! Check out a few of our previous adventures to see if you can relate and this is for you! Paula’s blog: Allende Los Mares The first time Paula rented a boat sharing the experience From zero to competent in a couple of days (video in Spanish&Italian) A typical day of HitchSailing in South East Asia Sailing Across the Atlantic as Crew Boathikers in Las Palmas


Cost and further information

We’ll make this trip as costeffective as possible. Fill out the form below if you like to jump on Board! We’re now gathering a shared mindset group of people to make sure it’ll be a memorable trip of a lifetime! Tell us who you are and why you would like to join and we send you more info! Then you can decide if it’s for you and confirm your spot. Be quick. Only a few spots available. We can’t wait to set sail with you! UPDATE: The trip is fully booked! With 12 nationalities we’ll set sail in Sicily. We consider to add a third boat and/or third week so you can still apply. For other upcoming sailing trips you can check out the sailing adventures in the menu. More to come :) Sign up for the newsletter to not miss out.



Hi! My name is Suzanne. I'm here to help you go on ocean adventures and make positive impact for a healthier ocean. Explore this website to learn what I do and how you can make some splashes too!

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