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Did you know?

That …
  • Shark fishing is the biggest illegal industry, after cocaine.
  • Sharks don’t eat us. We eat the sharks!
  • Shark is processed in Asian cuisine, cosmetics, pills, petfood, and even appears in eco products from the bio shop.
  • Living organisms eating metal will keep this metal for rest of their lives.
  • Plastic wears down until it’s so small you cannot see it anymore.
  • The average of plastic particles per liter of ocean water is 17. One sample from Antartica even showed 415 per/liter.
  • Even our toothpaste and shampoos contain plastic.
  • All of 24 examined beer brands in Germany contain microplastic.
  • Plastic = toxic Toxic = disease
  • The ocean life ends in 2048 if we don’t change what we’re doing now.

If the oceans die, we die.

I didn’t know, but I do know now!
Ocean Conservation, Nakawe and Alianza Tiburones Canarias teamed up this weekend to introduce themselves to the sailors community in Las Palmas. Three passionately driven organisations with a shared vision to protect and conserve the ocean life. Our life! 

Marjo of showing their new logo


Regina (Nakawe), Fernando (Allianza Tiburones Canarias) and Edwin (OceanConservation) talking sharks

Now I’d like to introduce them to you!
Marjo and Edwin, the adventure couple behind Ocean Conservation,  go around the world with their sailing research vessel “Orion of Aberdeen.” Their slogan is ‘to bring awareness into action.’ And they act! Locally but going globally. With the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), one of worlds biggest sailing regattas, they managed to have 100 boats taking water samples in different parts of the Atlantic during their crossing. With this project 602.000 square nautical miles are covered to measure the amount of microplastic in our ocean. It’s the biggest research ever done on this scale about microplastic! Microplastic research is just one of their projects. Soon they set off south to support in education in Cape Verde, creating awareness about the importance of conservation of sea turtles. The Orion Vessel is equipped to sail through Arctic waters. It’s just the beginning. With sustainable sailing and many conservation projects ahead a lot more coming up from Ocean Conservation! You can learn more on their website and follow them on facebook.
Nakawe is A young NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) from Barcelona. Their goal is to increase awareness about what’s going on in our oceans, especially in regards to illegal fishing. Spain is the 3rd country of the illegal fishing in the world. Spanish based Nakawe doesn’t accept that! “We have to take care of the ocean cause it’s our heart of the earth,”says Regina from Nakawe. They make the why and how of illegal fishing of sharks understandable for everyone with an animation film in the making. A big project of Nakawe is in Coco’s Island, Costa Rica, where more than 500 sharks are caught weekly! Just for the fins, the half dead sharks are thrown back into the ocean without fins. Nakawe encourages others to go volunteering overseas. Maybe if you see what’s happening with your own eyes you realise that change is needed. You can learn more about Nakawe on their website, and follow them on facebook and twitter.
Tiburon means shark in Spanish. Fernando and Manuela from the Alliance Tiburones Canaries (Canary Shark Alliance) are on a mission to turn the Canary islands into a top spot for shark diving in the world. The Portugese couple is motivated to protect and conserve the marine life and especially the big guys on the top of the food chain: sharks. Fernando explains that sharks are needed to keep our ecosystem in balance. Sharks are opportunistic. They eat the weak fish. Without sharks the weak fish contaminate each other and we will loose the quality of fish in the future. Once in abundance in the Atlantic, the Angelshark is now on the list of critically endangered. You can learn more about Allanza Tiburones Canarias on their website, facebook and twitter.
Take-aways from these three incredible valuable organisations!
We cannot continue like this
Every person can make a difference
Spread the word
Consume consciously
We need sharks
Don’t look away
It’s not about money. It’s about life.
Be aware.
Together we can turn the tide!
Facts and expressions above are taken and interpreted from the three fantastic talks of these valuable organisations in the Sailors Bay on December 13 2014 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. If you think something is inaccurate or incorrectly phrased, let me know and I dig into it.You can support Ocean Conservation, Nakawe, and Alianza Tiburones Canarias by spreading the word and making financial donations on their websites. Every action helps.

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