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At sea, the lifestyle is simple. You will experience the preciousness of drinking water and electricity and will learn to use every drop and amp consciously. But what else can do you to minimise impact? How can you make a difference during an ocean adventure? What can we do at the frontline, as sailors, with our special connection to the sea?

Additional Resources to Book Ocean Nomad


Be Aware

Here’s a cool carbon calculator:

Bring Goods

Marta via coordinates sailing goods between islands.



Sailing through any Marine Protected Areas?

Check and

Contribute to Research

Sail & Whale

Carib Tails





Report plastic here and here

Take water samples

Set up a measurement station with SeaKeepers

Report illegal fishing. Learn more at GlobalFishingWatch

Refuse – Reduce – Re-choose – Reuse- Recycle


Beat the Microbead, app to check for Microplastics


Reduce plastic use

Microplastic down the drain:


Check ‘What’s in my Eco Travel Kit to learn what brands and product I recommend (an ever evolving post)

Reduce the trash pile

Become a Trash Hero

Become a TrashHunter

Create content and campaign

Handy tools to start a website

Contribute content to sailor platforms:,, and

Ideas to be heard

Befriend and represent your favourite marine species with Terramar.

Set up and sign petitions on Signatures become victories.

Share your ocean action and inspire the world via

Support ocean advocates & initiatives

Discover and support innovative entrepreneurs on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon and Etsy.

Check: #awaveofchange #beneaththewaves #take3forthesea #5gyres #makeAsplash #Splash4theOcean #cleanswell #iamacarbonpirate.
Share you ocean discoveries with #oceannomadlife !

Dive below the surface

  •      Reef – Help to collect data on the state of the reefs.
  •      ReefCheck Help to survey and monitor the health of coral reefs. ·

Adopt a dive site with

Green your diet

Documentaries to learn more

Also coming up!:  OceanNomad TV, where I publish short episodes on the hitch-sail and ocean discoveries.

Offset your footprint

Adopt a coral with the Nature Conservancy  Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire

Plant seagrass with


Read more ocean action blogs.

Massive Open Online Courses: Check and for two in depth ocean courses. Other online courses platforms include Udemy,, and Coursera.
Watch TEDx talks

Here are a few of my favourite ocean-related documentaries that will surely educate and activate:

I’ll continuously add the latest discoveries to this page!


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