Create stories, photos, and videos and share your Ocean experiences with the world. Adventures are journeys of inspiration, learning and gaining lots of new insights. Sharing the magic of the ocean will inspire, educate and increase awareness! For those living in the cities or far away from the sea, they don’t see or realise the current state of the ocean, and will just keep going as they are. You can help to change attitudes and behaviour by sharing your experience! Set up your online playground You can spread the word via social media channels, an email newsletter, or you can even start a website. It can be set up in minutes. To help you get started with a website I have created a list of handy tools.

Resources to start a website

If you like to keep it easy and simple check WIX or Jimdo or simply start a traveldiarie. My websites are based on wordpress. The learning curve is slightly higher than average but the possibilities are endless. Register your Domain / url at Neostrada or  Great simple service and cheap. Fiverr Outsource your logo, website set up, template customization, translations, name it and someone on Fiverr can do it! Canva is a great DIY tool to create headers, brand colours, logo’s, social media posts. Name it, they have a template. 99designs Launch a design contest for your website, logo, or branding and pick your favourite. I had my bookcover designed through this. You get a 99$ upgrade if you go via this link.

WordPress resources

Webhosting 3 WordPress webhosts I recommend: Siteground Fast and cheap Neostrada European based Lightningbase webhost Cheap & fast and responsible energized managed wordpress hosting. They have a server in Amsterdam which makes it fast for a European audience. They help you set up. Their customer service is outstanding. The use very limited resources which make it a responsible low energy solution. This website is hosted by Lightningbase. Find a theme  Find a free theme on and more advanced paid themes on Themeforest and CreativeMarket. These are database websites hosting of themes, plugins, fonts, art and handy tools for your website. My two favourite themes that are easy to use and have endless possibilities (both drag and drop):

Blog Marketing Resources

Find relevant keywords with Keyword tool and Soovle Install YOAST SEO as a SEO tool in wordpress.

Social Media Marketing Resources

Create posts and branding with Canva. Learn about SEO and Social Media. I learned a great deal from Udemy courses. Collect email address and create a sign up form on your website or facebook page. I use ActiveCampaign. Schedule Social Media. You can do it within each platform or with an app like SmarterQueu. Fiverr Explore possibilities. Learn new skills for as low as 11.99 €  

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