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Sailing Recipes

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Here are a few winners that are fun and easy to make and bring smiles on people’s faces. They do need some experimentation to master it. That said, it can’t really go wrong either.

Bread ‘Artisanal Atlántico.’


  • Flour (4-6 cups)
  • Water (1-2 cups, preferably warm)
  • Yeast (1-2 table spoons)
  • Salt (1-2 table spoons)

Other essentials: Hands, an oven, and practice.

The steps.

1    Mix and knead the four ingredients until the dough it’s not wet and sticky but not dry either. Better too little than too much flour.

  • Let it sit in a hot place for 2-4 hours on the tray you’ll put in the oven. You can simply put the dough on oven paper (a baking form also work). Bonus tip: if you have an engine room with space, put it there – warm and dry and your dough will grow in no time). This is when the fermenting and rising takes places.
  • Put the mass, that should have grown, in a hot oven.

Ingredient amounts and results depend on humidity, temperature, you kneading, swell, and the number of times you practice.

Tip: When provisioning in the Caribbean it’s nice and healthy to make bread from Cassava flour (called Farine in the islands)

Tip 2: Add some spices like oregano, garlic, and onion to make it savoury. Or add coconut, cinnamon, and/or raisins, and brown sugar to make it a sweet treat.

Sailing Sprouts

Sprouts are super healthy living foods. The process of seeing the progression of seeds growing into little plants is fun. The result simply gives you superpowers.


  • Seeds/beans of any kind
  • Water

Other essentials: a jar or bowl


  • Soak the seeds /beans overnight.
  • Rinse well. Add a little bit of water and let it sit.
  • Every day. Rinse and repeat. Watch your superfoods grow! Within three days you can have edible sprouts. Sprout a few days longer for more volume.

Super Power Balls

Ingredients (Pick 4-6 including something sweet and sticky):

Oats, dates, nuts (any – grounded), flaxseeds, raisins, coconut oil, molasses, cacao, chia seeds, cassava flour, coconut flour, coconut rasp, lemon zest, banana, peanut butter. Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and sea salt.

The act: Smash, mix and match 4-6 ingredients (try and invent) all into a dough. Make balls. When possible put it in the fridge to harden it. A great snack for any time during watch! No gas needed. My favourite: dates, nuts, coconut rasp, cinnamon, and sea salt.

I’ll add more sailing recipes over time!