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A manta ray swimming in the water, supported by top ocean conservation organizations.
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Adventure has brought me awareness. That’s where it starts. From experience comes awareness. From that, comes caring. From caring comes action and leadership. We can only do good if we first hand experience the magic of the seas as well as the realities that the oceans are facing in the first place. Ocean adventure can spark new insights and give one a new set of eyes. It makes us more conscious as consumers. It makes us stronger, more confident, resilient. It makes new leaders. Maybe Ocean leaders!


Hi! My name is Suzanne. I’m an adventure-loving, curious, impact-driven ocean adventurer and environmental advocate. Since +14 years I’ve been living a simple nomadic minimalistic life of which the last years more at sea than on land. I’m now living in my camper to level up the surf skills and take my ambitions to the next level. With my projects, I aim to show and encourage for conscious living for a better planet.

During all these years of adventuring around the world there has been one constant: the calling of the ocean. In, at or near the sea I’m the best version of myself. I freedive into the deep, sail oceans, and play around with kites, surf, and sups.

The ocean gives me my play, my life. I feel more responsible and motivated than ever to bring life back into the ocean. Cause the ocean are dying. The time to do something is NOW!

My ocean explorations have taught me about the magnitude of the challenges our oceans are facing. And its urgency! As ocean lovers, we can ‘just’ surf, sail, dive and play and have the adventure of a lifetime, but to make the experience really rewarding, for yourself, the ocean and for the places, you’ll be visiting, we can do more! The ocean brings us so much. As fanatic users, we are responsible for bringing life back into the blue.

With Oceanpreneur I aim to encourage, inspire, and inform about making ocean adventures happen and what you can do to contribute to a healthier ocean. Hopefully, that broadens some horizons and trigger for positive change. Cause we all need to team up to keep our playground, our life, our ocean, alive!

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With Ocean Love, Suzanne