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Join for an Eco  – Explore – Sail – Green Lifestyle trip in the Canary Islands.

This expedition explores the islands of Lanzarote, Isla Graciosa, Isla Lobo and Fuertventura. It’ll be a week all about connecting to nature, BE-ing, exploring, action and adventuring! I’ll share the ins and outs of the Ocean Nomadic lifestyle & sailing with purpose. We sail, be, swim, hike, and explore.  There’s the possibility to explore the underwater world and learn the basics of freediving. We’ll explore the islands, bays, local conservation projects, discover the underwaterworld and go as local as we can. This is a multi-adventure lifestyle trip where the adventure and sustainability mindset is core. We work on board as a team. We share the tasks, operation and sailing of the boat.  This trip is run adventure style with no fixed itinerary. Depending on the weather and what we want we go north / west / south or east. We go with the flow and wind. No plan. No itinerary and a great mix of souls from all over the world. Per day we decide where we go and we adjust the plans along the way depending on what we discover. We run and use the boat as if it’s our liveaboard. It’ll be our shared home and for a week. You can be as involved with the sailing as you would like. But you don’t have to! Whether you’re a complete novice and curious or a salty sea gypsie already, welcome to join! Warning: your life will never be the same again 

Why Sailing in Lanzarote?

The Canary Islands is practically the only place in Europe in winter where the temperatures are pleasant in winter. Lanzarote is a peaceful island in the north of the island group with lots of bays and a few small islands near. It allows for some awesome and varied exploration in a short period of time. The airport of Arrecife is well connected and affordable to fly to. Lanzarote is home to the Lava land of “Timanfaya National Park.” It’s like you’re on a different planet. Lanzarote is home to Europe’s largest marine protected area – the Chinijo archipelago. The best way to explore all this: by sailboat! Lanzarote Landscapes from Gustavo Medina on Vimeo

The Ocean Nomads philosophy

This trip is about sharing and caring for the Ocean Nomads ‘slow sailing’ philosophy. The focus is on simplicity, health, local food and community connection, active, adventure and sustainability mindset, walking the talk, and collaboration. Ocean Nomads is a tribe of young (by heart:)) adventurous ocean lovers that are after an active sailing outdoor lifestyle. It’s for sharing fun, ideas & projects on low-budget, mindful, self sufficient positive impact ways to live and travel sustainably at sea. It’s for the adventure spirits wishing to experience more of the world with sea travel, live simply, sporty, healthy, and after making a positive impact in the world that we call our playground.  I’m looking to create a crew team with the same mentality and mindset but a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. A mix of active travelers, nomads, change-makers, eco-warriors, and free-spirits has proven to be a collaborative, fun, enriching, and exciting adventure crew team. What to expect?

  • The theme of this trip is adventure and sustainability. We’ll be sharing adventure time, relax time, as well as thoughts, tips and ideas how we can live more simply and sustainable and explore the world by sail. I’m investigating some citizen science projects to which we can contribute research while we’re sailing.You don’t need to be a world changer to join this trip. We can learn from each other.
  • You understand this trip is rolled quite a spontaneous style. On purpose. With purpose. The beauty of sailing is not knowing what you will encounter and experience in the day. It also depends on the wind and everyone’s wishes which direction and action we will take in the day. Of course, I do my research and will do to the best I can to take you to beautiful places and make this the best week of your life! But there won’t be a fixed itinerary or place where we will definitely go.
  • We share the tasks on board. We provision, cook, sail, fix things if necessary together as a team. We share costs for fuel, marina’s and food and drinks. On my lasts trips in Croatia and Sicily this was around 100 euro’s per person per week for all of this. I expect this to be a little less in the Canaries.
  • You’re OK with eating vegetarian style. For the reason it’s more environmentally friendly, it’s healthy, and it’s much easier on a boat. We’re dealing with limited resources of energy and water.  There’ll be opportunities for eating meat and fish at land.
  • It’s ok if you have no sailing experience. I’m happy to teach what know. A trip like this is perfect to figure out if this is for you. Also happy to help level up your skills or help to prepare you for your Day Skipper or Yachtmaster. Lots of fun exercises we can do. The boat will be ours for a week!
  • And of course I’m happy to share stories and what I’ve learned in those 25.000 miles of boat hitchhiking and exploring the (high) seas, doing the Yachtmaster, hitch sailing the Caribbean and how it works. I’m looking forward to hear your stories too!
  • We’ll create opportunities for freediving and surfing if there’s interest. Lanzarote has one of the best waves and freedive settings of Europe! I’m a freedive instructor and am happy to teach the basics. It’s a multi-adventure trip though and not a specific freedive or surf trip. We’ll decide as a group.
  • We’ll speak English on board. I also speak Spanish and Dutch may you be struggling with English.
  • The boat I rent will be between 36 ft and 50ft. It depends on the final bookings and the charter agency. For sure it’ll be a nice one that complies with all safety standards.
  • Your life will never be the same again! :)


Your Skipper

Hello! My name is Suzanne. Having no idea about sailing a few years ago I boathitchhiked +25.000 nautical miles across oceans and seas to learn as much as I can. in 2018, I got my YachtMaster Offshore license so I can take you sailing and share what the magic is all about! What excites me the most and what I believe can truly contribute to making the ocean healthier, is to share with others how beautiful the sailing lifestyle is, to see the big smiling faces, to share how beautiful the sea is, how valuable water and power is, what easy solutions we can implement to minimise our footprint and maximise our impact, and what happens when you put some a combo of happy / driven / curious / different nationality people together in a small boat. So many beautiful stories, moments and mini adventures to share!   Some of our Values

Local before global. – We choose foods and drinks from local providers and farmers. Resource & waste management – We’ll carefully manage our limited resources like water and power, and minimize waste with conscious provisioning and management of waste.

  • We’ll show how living with limited resources can be done and share ideas with each other how we can make it better.
  • No Chemicals on board and we’ll share natural ways for cleaning ourselves and the boat.
  • We research, rethink, reuse, recycle and reduce to the best we can.
  • We have a paperless and location independent office

Contribution to a healthier ocean – Also on this trip we’ll contribute to research and citizen science projects on plastics, water, and wildlife. We’ll brief you how to pack and prepare as an eco-pirate. This is a vegetarian trip. No meat or fish will enter the boat. I have lots of awesome superhealthy veggie recipes and ideas to share with you! 

About the Boat We’ll be renting a boat between 37- 50 ft.  You’ll be sharing a cabin. We maximum take 8 pirates on board so we’ll have our comfort. Possibly we’ll go in a fleet of two boats! When? Trip dates: February 16-23 – 2019 February 23 -March 1 – 2019 (One-Way trip Lanzarote – Tenerife including offshore and overnight sailing) The Investment Renting a boat is expensive. The prices will be determined on the final price of the charter company. The total costs will be divided amongst everyone sharing the adventure. This comes with:

  • Accommodation (7 nights)
  • Bed Sheet & Towels
  • Organisation & coordination
  • Sailing and Cruising Lifestyle How To’s, Stories, Tips and connections.
  • Freedive Tips
  • Eco Pirate & Sustainability Lifestyle hacks
  • Safety equipment
  • Basic Sailing instructions
  • Yearly Ocean Nomads Community Membership from Launch date.
  • Opportunities to Dive, Freedive, Surf, Snorkel, Hike & Explore remote places impossible or difficult to reach by car.
  • Wind & Sunshine :)

What other costs to bear in mind?

  • Food and drinks (5-10 euros/day)
  • Fuel, water, marina fees (5-10 euros/day)
  • Flights
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Local transport on the island (including transport to/from boat)

Are you interested in joining?

UPDATE: The boat is full! Subscribe to the newsletter to be updated about the next trips. Become a Patreon for priority boarding. Fill out this form! I’d love to learn a bit more about you. It’s super important we get a like-minded but varied crew group for maximum fun and impact! I’d like to make sure you sign up with the right expectations and mindset. Me or the first mate get back to you as soon as possible with more information and booking details. In case there are less than 5 ecopirates / week the trip would have to be cancelled because it would be too expensive. This is not a final booking form. Your spot is only confirmed after payment.


What others say about previous trips: “What to say about Suzanne? You have to meet her in person, but she is everything you would expect after you look at her Instagram. She has a deep love for the sea and she is helping others to experience the same. It was an amazing experience to sail with her. She constantly inspired us to explore, to test things out and enjoy her little surprises along the way. I highly recommend to sail with her and was always feeling safe with her at the helm.” – Matthias Zeitler Sicily Pirates Expedition 2019 “With outstanding determination and strength, she lives and acts very consistently according to her values grounded in environmental protection, sustainability-oriented solutions and network creation between likeminded people working in similar fields of action. In my opinion, sailing adventures organized by Captain Suzanne are: 1. A reward for the senses by discovering incredibly beautiful places and breathtaking sceneries. 2. An unbeatable way to get introduced into the nice world of sailing, 3. An open window to learn watching our world and the people from another more conscious perspective. I see her as an inspirational person who, with her example, inspire others with ideas and proposals to define or redefine life projects and use inner energy for more noble purposes.” Jose Maria Perez – Sailing Sicily Adventure 2018 “Suzanne is extremely knowledgable and experienced in all things sailing the Med and Caribbean. She lives her passion to save the ocean every day. I know this because I sailed with her and lived with her in a house recently where she demonstrated what it means to live a truly sustainable lifestyle that has positive effects toward cleaning up our ocean. Her generosity and enthusiasm is infectious as she provides me with the best advice for helping me during my sailing journey. I will be forever grateful to have met and learned with this amazing human. – Annah McMillan – Sailing Sicily Adventure 2018 



Hi! My name is Suzanne. I'm here to help you go on ocean adventures and make positive impact for a healthier ocean. Explore this website to learn what I do and how you can make some splashes too!

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