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Sailing crew opportunities I have (co) – created to connect you to the sea, yourself, and to others like you.

I always thought sailing was for the rich or those growing up sailing. But over the years I learned the opposite is true. Sailors are free spirits and ocean-minded people. Dreaming and living the simple life on a sailboat, set off to explore the world, and live life on their own terms. Here are some sailing crew opportunities for you to join, co-created with fellow ocean nomads, to help you accelerate your adventures and journeys and connections. I hope to welcome you on board!

Many of us are on similar journeys, dreaming and doing about ocean adventures and making a positive impact around us. We have brilliant ideas, projects, dreams, actions, and desires for experiences, learning, connection, and to be part of something. We’re looking to connect with others honouring simple and sustainable lifestyles. And for experience! But alone we can only do so much and reach thus far!

With Ocean Nomads, I aim to connect more of you to nature and each other. With sailing trips, expeditions, and community. What we all learned (again) the past year is that one thing is for sure and that’s nothing is for sure. Now is the time to make the dreams real and anticipate for all that there’s to come. I cannot wait to sail again, create memories, exchange ideas, and meet more of you.

Exploring rias, islands, and the ocean nomads lifestyle | Sailing Galicia to Porto on liveaboard boat(s) | August 2021

This summer we organize an ocean nomads member gathering and sailing adventure in Galicia! With a couple of Ocean Nomads member vessels (SV Windfall and possibly a few more, depending the weather) we set sail to explore the Rias, Islands and head a little more south following the seasons, where we end the trip dropping anchor in Porto. The region is a paradise on earth. It’s nowhere nearly as crowded as the Med. As an ocean nomads member, you can join the meet-up and/or come sailing.

Photo: SV Windfall and taken by SV Windfall which who we’ll sail in Galicia this summer

Dates: Meet-Up: August 15. Sail away: August 16
Destination: Vigo to Porto
Uniting Ocean Nomads vessels and Members

It’s a unique and accessible sailing crew opportunity to sail with young adventurous liveaboards, in their soulful nomad homes, to meet fellow ocean nomads, dreamers and doers, and explore if this lifestyle is for you or to simply keep that salt in your veins. Memorable moments and beautiful connections are guaranteed.

Or sailing around in Galicia with your own vessel? Come raft up with us!
Optional adventure add on: walk back to Galicia on the Camino the Santiago

Learn more and apply for this sailing crew opportunity.   Ps. The doggie will join too 🙂

sailing with a dog

Offshore Sailing from the Netherlands to Madeira on a 100-year-old classic 36 meter Schooner | Expedition ON Atlantic October 2021

Join the more than 100-year-old classic Schooner Twister for an Ocean Nomads trip from the Netherlands to Madeira. Broaden your horizon, explore, connect, and make impact. Last summer we test drived this beauty of a vessel in the Netherlands. She has sailed oceans, is super well maintained and ready to head south again. The Twister is a fore and aft rigged Schooner with two masts, was build in 1902 as a fishing boat. Expedition ON is an experience unlike anything I’ve ever organized. With her 36 meter length, SV Twister allows us to connect more souls in one place, away from civilization where we disconnect from everything but each other and nature. This is a hands-on active expedition. Everyone onboard is expected to take part in the running of the ship. It’s part of the fun, experience, development and epiphany moment creation. One big objective of this voyage (and all trips) is to get the ocean in your heart, through experiencing, the good, bad and ugly. We take a micrplastic trawler on board, microscope, exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences. Many of us joining this sailing crew opportunity have similar aspirations to make nomadic ocean living our lifestyles.

Dates: October 3, 2021 Departure
Destination: from the Netherlands to Madeira
Number of berths: 14
Miles: 1700 NM

Learn more and apply for this sailing crew opportunity.

Sailing from Madeira to Lanzarote exploring the uninhabited islands along the way | Expedition ON Macaronesia | October 2021

With Expedition ON Macaronesia, we are sailing from the Netherlands to the Madeira onboard Twister. A hands-on 350 nautical miles voyage for life, together with a like-minded bunch of Ocean Nomads. Driven by passion and purpose for the love of the ocean, discovering the best way to travel the seas sustainably.

Madeira and the Canary Islands are part of the Macaronesia island archipelago. Madeira belongs to Portugal and the Canary Islands to Spain. This voyage we depart in Madeira, arrive in Lanzarote and will drop anchor on the islands in between where permitted. It’s all nature protected and the only way to reach the islands are by sail. A unique sailing crew opportunity to connect with nature, wildlife and away from humanity. At the end of the voyage we aim to unite with more ocean nomads vessels to celebrate the love for the ocean.

Dates: October 23 Departure
Destination: Madeira – Canary Islands and islands in between
Number of berths: 14
Miles: 350 NM

Learn more and apply for this sailing crew opportunity. 

About Ocean Nomads sailing adventures

A little bit of background on how the ocean adventures came about.

I didn’t grow up near the ocean, but during the now +13 years of nomadding, I learned to dive, surf, and freedive. Superpowered by the ocean sports, driven by curiousity, and with an urge to learn and explore more, I just had to move to the sea.  I discovered sailing boats as an alternative means of travel.  Since, I’ve boathitchhiked +30.000 miles on a variety of sailing vessels in every ocean. I then got the captain’s papers so I can take others sailing and share what the magic is all about. Because I believe to get the ocean truly in your heart, you need to experience the ocean. With Ocean Nomads sailing trips and community, I aim to connect more of you to each other, the sea, and a more conscious way of life on and near the sea.

Ocean Nomads Sailing crew opportunity values & Expectations

Ocean Nomads events and expeditions connect people to each other and to the ocean. Nothing brings people together like actually bringing people together. And nothing inspires us more than real experience. We provide ocean adventure and encourage low-impact travel. We add nature and adventure into the mix, with our recipe for creating a big dose of positive energy and accelerating change for a common good.

The goal of ON Events & Expeditions is to connect you with the natural world, to build relationships with other impact-driven salty souls, and to facilitate knowledge-sharing to learn from each other. We share  our dreams, journeys, and collaborate on projects for positive change. We live up to the Ocean Nomads slow sailing philosophy. We strive to have an onboard environment that inspires adventure and play, with a strong emphasis on health, simplicity, teamwork and local & environmental consciousness.

ON trips are just the beginning for plotting the next course in your life. By jumping on board with Ocean Nomads, you will also join the expanding global network of impact-driven travellers, ocean entrepreneurs, sailors, (free)divers, surfers, and active salty souls passionate about the ocean and eager to do good. On our community platform we start and continue the conversation, action, team-ups and meet-ups beyond our events and expeditions to maximize the impact, fun, and ripple effects for ocean adventure and action. We got your back on, before and after the adventures .

Read more about the trip values & expectations.

Not able to join now but determined to create an ocean nomads lifestyle? Join the network for meet-ups, team-ups, support and resources to accelerate the ocean ambitions. We’re +215 nomads, +47 vessels in the community and we’re just warming up. Learn more about Ocean Nomads and join the family. Subscribe to the Ocean Nomads newsletter to be updated about the next spontaneous sailing trips, meet-ups, crew opportunities and the next steps of this movement.

Here’s what some of the previous Ocean Nomads sailing crew says:

“In my opinion, sailing adventures organized by Captain Suzanne are: 1. A reward for the senses by discovering incredibly beautiful places and breathtaking sceneries. 2. An unbeatable way to get introduced into the nice world of sailing, 3. An open window to learn watching our world and the people from another more conscious perspective. I see her as an inspirational person who, with her example, inspire others with ideas and proposals to define or redefine life projects and use inner energy for more noble purposes.
Please gather support in every possible way at your hand for Suzanne. Our oceans need strong committed people like her to advocate for our natural resources and leave them intact for the generations to come.” Jose – Sicily Crew 2018

“She has a deep love for the sea and she is helping others to experience the same. It was an amazing experience to sail with her. She constantly inspired us to explore, to test things out and enjoy her little surprises along the way.
I highly recommend to sail with her and was always feeling safe with her at the helm.” Matthias – Sicily Crew 2018

“The most unforgettable week. The trip preparation and the crew members turned what would otherwise be an adventure into something a bit more special. I took part in the Lanzarote sailing week earlier in the year. To say it was life changing sounds dramatic but it really was. Being able to share time and experiences with people with different backgrounds but of a similar mindset was incredible. I like to think that I can have and help contribute to a similar experience for myself and others as a member of the Flotilla crew.” – Ben ( Lanzarote Crew 2019)

Ps. You can also hire me as captain or crew or to organize your personalized epic ocean adventure.



Hi! My name is Suzanne. I'm here to help you go on ocean adventures and make positive impact for a healthier ocean. Explore this website to learn what I do and how you can make some splashes too!

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