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Hey there (future) Ocean Nomad!

Are you dreaming or planning about travel or life at sea but you have no idea where to even start? Or maybe you’ve started the research and are getting lost in the world wide web of things to bear in mind?

Within your network of friends and family you may not find the answers that you’re looking for.

From how do I find a boat when? Where should I be when to catch a sailboat ride to x? How to prepare? What to bear in mind when starting? What is expected from me on a sailing boat? To how to sustain myself while on the journey?

I get it, I was there myself. I had so many questions that I wrote a book with all the answers I wish I had when I started a couple of years ago. This grew out to a facebook group and community. But sometimes the answer just can’t be found and a personalized approach could make all the difference and save you A LOT of time.

Over the last 13 years of living slowly and nomadically, 5 years of hitchhiking on +50 different boats for +27.000 miles including 4 ocean crossings, becoming a YM offshore, while sustainaing myself on the go, I’ve learned a lot about the ocean nomad lifestyle, crewing, becoming a captain, organizing sailing trips, and flotillas, simplifying, minimalizing, and all that comes with it.

And I want to help you!

I get what it feels like to have to start completely from scratch. It’s so exciting to start a new adventure but it can also be mega overwhelming. You’re not alone and you don’t have to figure all of this out alone.

I created these 1-on-1 consulting chats where you can ask me all the questions you have and I help you kickstart your ocean nomadic life.

I can help you with:

  • Boathitchhiking / crewing and all that comes with it
  • Finding the right opportunitity for YOU
  • Figuring out if a boat is safe
  • Routes / Seasons / Harbours. Places to be.
  • Adventure Destination advice in general. Where to go for X when? (Sailing / Freediving / kitesurfing & Surfing or a combination of that)
  • Becoming a YachtMaster
  • Organizing sailing trips and flotillas
  • Crowdfunding
  • And more from what you can read on my blog

Here’s how I can work with you:

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