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Thinking Tarifa for an active holiday or long term stay? Great minds think alike! After three years of intense exploration of the outdoor playground of Europe, I surely have some useful tips for you. You can use this little Tarifa travel guide as a start for your own Tarifa adventure!

Tarifa Travel Guide: A sense of place


Many are drawn to this Tarifa because of the kitesurf or windsurf but many stay because it’s so much more. It’s an outdoor playground, a paradise for nature lovers, lifestyle designers, digital nomads, food lovers, and adventure people. There’s a risk you’ll stay longer than planned or may not even leave at at all. It’s a very chilled-out town. When you arrive swift back and slow down! Tarifa is not just Spain, it’s Andalucía where everyone is on the Mediterranean diet. If you walk the street at 8.30 you will hardly see anyone. In the course of the morning people wake up so they have just enough time to get their stuff done before all shops close at 2pm. Then the town turns quiet and people go for lunch, siesta, or a kitesurf session. Or in most cases, a combi of those:). In the afternoon (which is after 17.00-ish) shops open again, the paseo maritimo (boulevard) turns into the place to be for dog walking-, running-, and longboard-sessions. Then Sunset watching is the only routine that really exist here each day, and after that Tarifa town really becomes alive!


Tarifa is the most southern village of Europe. Morocco is only 14 kilometers away. These views never bore. As it’s a seaside town the climate stays mild in summer as opposed to egg frying temperatures in other parts of Andalucía.

Tarifa travel planning

How to go to Tarifa?

By plane, boat or road! You can fly to Malaga, Sevilla, Gibraltar, Tanger or Jerez. Malaga has the most flight connections. Seville is often cheaper in high season (July – August). Jerez only operates in high season (July-August). Gibraltar only has flight connections with the UK. From Tanger you would still have to take a boat (67 euro’s return) so I would only fly in here if you combine Tarifa with Morocco. I use Momondo and Skyscanner to find the best flight deal. Corendon sometimes has good deals to Malaga.

From the airport to Tarifa

Hire a car

If you have a drivers license, hire a car! The rental car situation in Spain is incredibly cheap. It’s often cheaper than buying a return ticket for the bus Malaga-Tarifa or Sevilla-Tarifa (25 euro’s one-way), and it’s way more convenient. Budget car prices go from 3 euro per day in low season (dec-march) to +/- 25 euro per day in high season (July/August). It’s far cheapest to book in advance. It’s often cheapest to rent a car in Malaga (as opposed to Seville). The car rental situation in Spain is like the wild wild west. There are so many websites and providers to choose from. I recommend to book through rentalcarsholidayautos, doyouspain, or AutoEuropeRentalcars compares all car rentals in Spain, works smoothly, and has given me best deals so far. The advantage of booking through this site is that it automatically gives you insurance. No need to pay an extra fee at the desk (they will try realllly hard to purchase add-ons!). Although you may want to take more insurance, like allrisk. Read the small letters! Holidayautos compares them all as well and allows you to cancel for free if you change your mind. AutoEurope has good deals and a good reputation. Or book directly with Goldcar, budget-friendly and located right in the airport in Malaga and Sevilla. Each time I’ve rented through Goldcar I got a Fiat500. Perfect for parking in Tarifa! Because of these cheap prices most people who stay long-term also rent instead of buying. There is no car drop-off in Tarifa. Not all car rental companies allow border crossing with Portugal so think about this when booking your car. TIP: you have to show the same creditcard at the desk as you booked with! Also, It can take ages at Malaga airport to get your car. If you’re more than 1 person, let 1 person wait for the luggage, and let the other one get the car already (if the car provider is located IN the airport). It can save you hours! Or fly into Sevilla where there never seems to be a waitingline. Drive times to Tarifa: Malaga – Tarifa: 2 hours. Sevilla- Tarifa: 2,5 hours. Gibraltar – Tarifa: 45 min. Jerez – Tarifa: 1 hour, 15 min.


No car? No worries! Of course, there are other options to get to Tarifa

Blablacar This is a ride sharing website that works very well in Spain. Check the routes and see if you can share a ride with someone. I love this website! I’ve used it a few times. It’s fun, cheap, fast AND environmental friendly to share the ride. I met great people through this platform. If you have a certain amount of flexibility (which you should have in Spain!) chances are high you find a ride for your preferred route and time. IF you do rent a car, why not sign up for this website too and help someone else with a ride? You’ll make a new friend for sure!

Ridesharing Tarifa Facebook Group People post their rides and ride requests here. Perhaps someone is going and you can share the costs!

Bus to Tarifa 

From airport Malaga, there are 2 direct buses to Algeciras daily: at 11.30 and at 18.50. It takes about 2 hours. I never buy a ticket in advance and it always works out well. However, in high season (july-august) you may want to do this. From Algeciras, there are buses going to Tarifa almost every hour until 10pm. If you arrive after 17.00 in Malaga Airport you can go to Malaga or Marbella bus station first and then take a casual bus from there. It pays off to wait for the faster bus (there’s also one that stops everywhere, not much fun), or better to book a flight that arrives early so you can take the airport bus or fast bus from Malaga bus station. You can also take a bus Airport Malaga to Marbella and then hop on a bus to Algeciras/Tarifa. It’s gonna take a while. From Seville airport, there’s a bus every half hour to the bus station in Seville center (4 euro). Get out at Prado de San Sebastian. From here you can take a bus to Tarifa which takes 3 hours (20,30 euro). Beautiful route! The bus will stop for 10 minutes on the route. There are 4 buses daily (9.30; 14.00; 17.30; 20.00). If you have to wait long for the bus to leave you can drop your luggage in a locker and soak up some Sevillean ambiance and have a tapa or two. Seville center is walking distance from this busstation, so is Parque de Maria Luisa which is great for siestas and enjoying the fragrance of the orange blossom flower :). I sometimes fly into Seville on purpose as this city is amazing and the busride from Sevilla to Tarifa is much nicer than from Malaga to Tarifa. Arriving in Malaga after 20.00? No way public transport will get you there. Chill-out and take a bus or Blablacar mañana. Take the bus (or train!) to Malaga center, check-in at the hostel next to the busstop and explore Malaga. It’s a lovely city!

Private transfer Airport – Tarifa

If you want no hassle and go straight from the Airport to Tarifa, you can book a private transfer in advance. This will be half the price than taking a taxi on the spot (Malaga-Tarifa Taxi 300 euro! outch). If you don’t want to rent a car and you’re 3-4 persons, a private booked transfer is cheaper than the bus. More and more private transfer options keep poppoing up here.

When to go to Tarifa?

April And May are my favourite months in Tarifa! There are good vibes in town, flowers are blooming, the grass is still green, many (Poniente) windy and wavy days, it’s easy and affordable to find a place to stay, it’s not too hot for mountainbiking, birds are migrating, the dolphins are close to shore, the Alamadraba tuna is on its best and people are happy! Note. Semana Santa, Eastern, and May 1st is busy. June: also chill! Until the 15th of June, you can kite at the town beach. After the 15th, the high season really starts, it gets busier in town, and kitesurfing and windsurfing is only allowed in certain zones (Picture below) JulyAugust: hot, busy & mucho fiesta en la calle (the street)! Many windy days. There are not many wave days. The town and beaches are crowded. Nevertheless, there is so much space, it’ll never become a Costa del Sol. On the water it’s busy but not crazy busy cause in these months many are just coming for the beach. If you hack the Spanish lifestyle hours and get up early, it’ll be just you and nature. September-October-November: Love it! Good vibes in town. Nice weather. Beautiful sunsets. Good mountainbike weather! The second week of September there is the Feria in Tarifa which is an authentic Andalusian event not to miss! DecemberJanuaryFebruariMarch: Quiet, many wave days. Nice time of the year for mountain-biking too. THE time to meet a local. It doesn’t get colder than 10 degrees and there are still quite some days of 20+ degrees. February and March have most rainy days.

How to go around in Tarifa?

Tarifa old town is fairly small. Everything is walking distance. From the old town to the beach it’s only a few minutes walk. Other parts in Tarifa town can be reached in less than a 30-minute walk. It’s nice to walk El paseo Maritimo (path along the beach), especially around sunset. The bay of Tarifa is 14 kilometers long. The N340 road goes along this bay. To reach different beaches, a car is most convenient. It’s also nice to have one if you want to explore places beyond Tarifa, like Bolonia, Vejer, or Cadiz. Between 15 June – 15 September you need a car to reach the kitebeaches if you stay in town. In July and August, there are also beach busses going every 2 hours, which costs 1 or 2 euro’s. Hitchhiking is quite common too. To visit nearby places like Bolonia or Vejer there are public bus options, but not too many. If you stay longer, get a bicycle! Especially if you’re Dutch ;). I do everything by bike and works fine for me. The N340 road is a bit dangerous to cycle but you can take the scenic offroad detour route and avoid it.

Kitesurfing in Tarifa

The wind: what Tarifa is famous for. Tarifa is known as the wind capital of Europe. Where back in the days windsurfers dominated the bay of El capital del viento (wind capital), now most action comes from the kitesurfers. Tarifa’s main beach stretches from town to 14 kilometers north towards Cadiz. Between the 15th of June and the 15th of September you’re only allowed to kite in the kite zones (after 20.00 you can everywhere but usually the wind has dropped by then anyway). Beyond the high season you can kite everywhere, from the island of Paloma to the dunes of Punto Paloma. It’s best at Los Lances and Valdevaqueros.

When is the best time to visit Tarifa

Tarifa wind probability per month

tarifa kitesurf destination

Wind in Tarifa

Tarifa has two main winds: Poniente, a colder stable western wind and Levante: the stronger and warmer eastern wind coming from the Sahara. It’s an all year round wind destination, with a bit more windy days in summer. On hot clear days there’s often thermic wind in Valdevaqueros. In summer the wind sometimes changes in no time from Levante to thermic when the beach heats up. First days of Levante are often gusty. With both wind directions, the wind is usually best later in the afternoon. Levante can drop sometimes within minutes at the end of the day. Clouds often means no wind. To check the Tarifa weather forecast: Look outside Live cams for Los Lances (Campo de futbol) and Valdevaqueros (Mistral) at -> superforcast. This is Tarifa though; the weather forecast is hardly accurate, so look outside, observe and assess the situation.

Which kite and wetsuit to take to Tarifa?

The best is to have 3 kites. For those who do not have a money tree, kite size depends on the month you’re coming.  I most often use my 9m (I’m 55-60 kg depending on how many windy days there have been ;)). Kitable wind goes from 13 knots up to 35 (Poniente 12-22 knots, Levante 18-35 knots, Thermic 16-23 knots). For the strong levante a 6m is nice to have. If it’s really strong winds you can drive to other spots. Until June I use a 4/5 mm wetsuit. From July – September a shorty or even boardshorts are fine. The surface water doesn’t get colder than 17 degrees.

Where to kitesurf in Tarifa?

Poniente: Los Lances Sur (until June 15), Los Lances Norte, Valdevaqueros, Punta Paloma. Levante: Valdevaqueros (side shore), Punta Paloma (the least strong) or Los Lances (side offshore) between June 15 – September 15 when there are boats. Thermic wind on hot summerdays (onshore) is best in Valdevaqueros. Between June 15 and September 15 It’s forbidden to kite at Los Lances Sur and Punta Paloma until 20.00.   Sea Angels operate rescue boats with Levante in Los Lances Norte (side offshore). You can buy a rescue ticket with any kiteschool or the chiringuitos (beachbars) on the beach (30 euro’s – 2 rescues, 50 euros – 5 rescues). Valid whole season. Don’t go to far out in light levante, unless you like swimming with your kite. The wind sometimes drops within a minute. With strong levante you can go to Canos de Meca which is a cool hippy town a beautiful 45 minutes drive towards Cadiz. Or you can go direction Gibraltar to Getares (+/-20 min drive) or Palmones (+/- 25 min drive), which are industrial spots which I don’t recommend it because of the pollution. If you are crazy for the wind, these are your best options. In high season these spots are forbidden and you can get fined (300 euro’s!). In Bolonia and Zahara de Los Atunes it’s forbidden to kite as well. The lagoon (Los Lances) is forbidden. It’s a bird sanctuary.

Where to take kitesurf lessons in Tarifa?

There are +50 kiteschools in Tarifa. I recommend to take lessons from Kasia who recently opened here school Gone Kiting Tarifa. Kasia has been living and teaching in Tarifa now for 4 years and takes a very personalized approach to instructing kitesurfing. She will never take more than 2 students at the time and works with radio helmets so you get the maximum out of your lesson hours. This is unique in Tarifa! She is superpassionate about what she does and motivated to get you on that board in no time. Start the fun by becoming a member of her facebook group. And say hi to her from me when you meet her. Get 10euro off your first lesson with discountcode: Oceanpreneur. More after experiencing a kitesurf camp? Browse +1000 surfcamps here.Los Lances with Poniente

The best after kiting chill spots

Club 7 (Los Lances Sur /Campo de futbol); Best Pro Center Tarifa (New in 2014 (Los Lances Norte) Chiringuito Aqua (Los Lances Norte); Arte Vida (avoid in summer); Club Mistral (Valdevaqueros); Tangana (Valdevaqueros). All these places are amazing for sunset watching too! TIP: At the pigfield (the field between Tangana and Punta Paloma Valdevaqueros) you have a little shop (Tienda Javi) in the back that sells delicious gazpacho (just try it!), tortilla Española and sandwiches for cheap. Tangana and Mistral are nice but not for those on a budget.

Adventure things to do in Tarifa

Tarifa is only for kitesurf and windsurfing? No way! It’s so much more than that. Here’s a very small selection of my adventure favourites:

Mountainbiking in Tarifa

Tarifa borders the Alcornocales National Park. This is the largest cork tree area in Spain. It’s huge and has great potential for mountainbiking. There are about 35 trails, of which half you can do straight from Tarifa. Some of those offer amazing views over Africa. Mountainbikeroutes go from easy to extreme. There are some single tracks too. The downhill pro’s or lazy asses who like a view but no sweat, can take their bike in the bus up to Algeciras. Bike rental is around 20 euro’s for a day. Where to rent a mountainbike in Tarifa? At Sailboards Tarifa, Girasol, or AOS. Note that you should get your bike before 2pm or after 6pm. On you can find more info on the trails.  And a cool video about Mountainbiking in Tarifa.

Hiking in Tarifa

Like biking, the hiking is a favourite on my adventure list too! The diversity of flora and fauna you find here will surprise you. Not even talking about the views you’ll get.  A few of my coolest hikes in Tarifa: 1. Bartholome mountain: Los Algarbes – Betijuelo. Medium. 6 km. 3 hours. A diverse medium difficulty hike which gives best views over Tarifa & Bolonia, cliffs, pine-trees, wildlife and a refreshing dive in de sea at the end. 2. Colada de la Costa 8.2 km Medium difficulty 4 hours. Keep right from the harbour toward Algeciras and you’re on track. Tarifa towards Algeciras. Historical interest, stunning views of Morocco. If you’re lucky you’ll see some whales. 3. La Pena. Medium 900 meter. 30 min. Stunning views over Tarifa and Los Lances beach. Easy to squeeze in any itinerary. Mundoposibilidas is a little local business that organises sunrise, sunset and other unique hike gatherings almost every day for free or a few euro’s. You can download this brochure which has many of the hiking routes of the province of Cadiz (including Tarifa) listed.

Longboarding in Tarifa

The Alameda and the ‘Paseo Maritimo’ (beach walk) are the perfect spots for some longboarding. Sunset is the greatest time to go. Bianca from Girlsloveboards gives longboard classes. The guys from Oh my Long organize a longboard gathering every Tuesday and Thursday at plaza Alameda.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in Tarifa

Near Balneario island BicSport rents out Stand Up Paddle boards. Rent one for a quiet morning or sunset session and paddle around the island. 2 km out of town there’s a river called Rio Jara. If there’s no wind or you feel like doing a more mellow activity, go cruise this river with a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board. The BEST Pro Center rents out SUP boards (STAR brand). They recently opened their new school/restaurant on the beach next to Rio Jara. I have seen the most amazing birds here.

Surfing in Tarifa

Can you surf in Tarifa? Maybe this question I receive the most. Yes, you can! The conditions are definitely best in winter. This year though the weather patterns are very different from last year and there have been more wave surfing days. Wave height? 0.5 – 3 meters. Beachbreak. Best surfing spot Tarifa? El Balneario. Often there’s also surf at Arte Vida and Punta Paloma. Where to rent a surfboard? At BicSport . If wave surfing really is your thing, also check out El Palmar which is a 40 min drive up the coast north west from Tarifa. This is the place to be for wavesurfing. This is a cool surf hostal in El Palmar right on the beach.   Check out more surfcamp and spots

Yoga for kitesurfers

An intense yoga class once or twice per week and you feel energized and ready to enjoy another day of Tarifeando (=living the Tarifa lifestyle). I recommend the yogaclasses of Steffi from Kite Yoga Tarifa. She focuses on yoga for the kitesurfers especially stretching those muscles used when kiting. No sore muscles no more! Classes are on the beach in the morning. 1 class is 1,5 hours (10euro’s). kitesurf-yoga-on-beach

Kayak in Tarifa

Rent a kayak and paddle around Isla de Paloma, the island of Tarifa. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll see. Further Tarifa’s is a VERY good place to go diving, horse-riding, running, freediving, birdwatching, and whalewatching.

Cultural things to do in & around Tarifa

Free Tour Tarifa

The best introductilocal-guide-tarifaon you can get to Tarifa: Free Tour Tarifa! Tarifa is so much more than kitesurfing and windsurfing. In 1,5 – 2 hours one of the young enthusiastic local guides walks with you through the old town telling you about the culture, history, best tapas bars, wind situation and whatever else you like to know about Tarifa! It’s an interactive tour and yes it’s free! Contribution is welcome so we can continue doing this the next year! Also part of the contribution goes to renovation initiatives in Tarifa. Every day at 10.30 infront of the tourist office in English and Spanish. In high season no need to sign up but handy if you do (on the FreeTourTarifa website). Tours in German, French, Dutch and Italian on request. When I’m around I sometimes give the tour in Dutch or English.

Feria de Tarifa & other feria’s in Cadiz

Tarifa has it’s biggest annual fiesta starting the first Sunday of September: The feria!  Tarifa ‘business as usual’ shuts down and the tarifeñas make home at the feria playground set up at the outskirt of Tarifa. Tarifeñas live towards this celebration the year!  It’s the moment we dress up, wear a traje de gitana (Polka-dot dress) or el traje corto (traditional man outfit). Young and old sing, clap, dance the Sevillana, eat tapas, drink rebujitos, and simply enjoy the Spanish life. Nothing else matters this week. Opposed to what many think, it’s not just at night event. Everyday, there is something special going on at the feria. Horse parades, contest for the most beautiful Caseta, cinta races and just general practice of the Mediterranean diet in one of the Casetas. It’s a celebration of culture. The feria is not just drinking and loud music. There are traditions, stories, and unwritten rules about how to dress when, how to act and where, when to go. If you’re not around during Tarifa’s feria, check here if there’s another one going on. Every town has its feria and it’s Spanish life at it’s best. At the feria, visit a few casetas, taste the best feria foods, drink a rebujito and dance the traditional sevillana.

Pueblos Blancos

Vejer de la Frontera, one of the prettiest pueblos blancos (white towns) of Spain. Go either in the morning or afternoon (after 17.00) to encounter more liveliness. It’s about a half an hour drive. Between 14.00 and 17.00 the town is hot and asleep. Arcos de la Frontera is another pretty one a bit further towards Cadiz. In Arcos is the last feria in the area. Vejer- Tarifa

Roman Ruins Baelo Claudio

A 15-minute drive from Tarifa you can go 2000 years back in time. In summer there are concerts in the Roman theatre. Quite a must when visiting this area. It’s closed on monday.

Morocco (Tanger) in a Day

Tanger is worth the day trip if you go with  local guide! You can visit Tanger all year round. June-August is busy and hot. Better to avoid. On super strong levante days the Ferry sometimes doesn’t go.

Get culture clashed in Chefchouean, Morocco

If you have more time, go a few days to the bluest town in the world. A nice weekendtrip from Tarifa. Find a local guide.

What other things to do in and around Tarifa?

I have about 1000 more ideas of what you can do, how and where. For now the above will keep you busy enough. Just want to relax at a pretty beach? Explore the beautiful bays and dunes of Punta Paloma, get a natural mud bath at the rock that sticks out there, and end with a Tarifa’s best Paella at El Mirlo.

Accommodation in Tarifa

If you’re coming in August, you better book your place a few weeks in advance. For July and holiday weekends this is also safer. Tarifa will get FULL. If you do want to come in superhigh season, go camping. That’s what I did and had the time of my life:). Or stay outside of Tarifa, in for example Facinas.  There are a lot of accommodation options to choose from. If you come alone it’s nicest to stay in or around the old town. If you have a car and don’t mind a short drive to town, it’s nice to stay in el campo (countryside) or the beach zone. It’s so beautiful along the coast. There are no high rise buildings, only small scale accommodation, a few beach hotels and campings. There is not really a hotel that’s on the beach AND close to town. Apartments yes. These are a few of my personal recommendations. For long-term accommodation tips scroll further down.

Hostals in Tarifa

Which is the best hostel to stay in Tarifa?


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Sulok Tarifa Hostel Review

Click to Check it out

Hostal bed prices go from 12,50 in low season to 30 euro’s in high season.

  • Wake up in Tarifa – New hostel in the center of it all. Well protected from the wind next to the best cocktail bar in town: Aloha. Can get noise here in high season.
  • Sulok Hostel New hostel in the Old towns mainstreet. Perfect location with all bars nearby but not in the middle of it.
  • Melting Pot – Laid back ambiance hostel, close to town, close to the beach.
  • Backpackers Facundo – Central & cheap. Mix of backpackers, kitesurfers, short & long term travellers.
  • Tarifa Hostel – This one was built in no time in 2014. Looks cool, clean & fun. Central.
  • Hostal Africa – In the old town, nice views from the rooftop terrace.
  • Girlslove boards Rent a bed or room in a surf house for chicas only. 5euro discount code: DestinationXploration
  • Pinkhouse Central located hostal with a relaxed rooftop terrace. Good for groups as well.

AirBNB [<- Click for 20 euro discount]  Rent from a local! Tarifa is popular in the airbnb space. The town has a short tourist season to live from and the locals do take advantage of that. If you sign up on Airbnb through this link you get 18 euro’s AirBNB credit!

Budget accommodation in Tarifa


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For a 2 person room/apartment 50 euro’s per night is a super good budget deal in Tarifa. In high season this doubles.

  • Pension Correo In the center of it all. The room at the top has a nice little private terrace.
  • Appartments Llevante & Poniente 2 Cosy studios in the oldtown. Both with a little patio. Nicely decorated. Ideal for lovebirds. Managed by two cool Dutchies Marit & Vincy.
  • Hostal Tarifa Value for money. Central location. New building. That’s it.
  • Casa Rosendo Nice location in the oldtown with different studio’s/apartments. Moorish style architecture. Nice views.
  • HomelyTarifa Magali & Sébastien have accommodation options all over town for different crowds. Mostly appartments.

Tripadvisor has turned into a booking site as well. Heaps of listings, including the reviews. has good deals on last-minutes in Tarifa Cool campings: Camping la Torre & Camping las Dunas. Go camping! Prices are 12.50 – 17,50 for one person. It’s amazing!

Mid-range accommodation & B&B Tarifa

Find a place to stay in Tarifa for 60-90 euro’s per night

  • Room Tarifa Super friendly staffed accommodation in the old town. Top location.
  • Casa Blanco Stylish modern accommodation in an authentic Moorish style house. In the center of town. Relaxed rooftop terrace to chill or watch the people down in town. Open all year round.
  • Benali Guesthouse Fully furnished apartments in a great location in the old town. Very nice architecture. Romantic. Could be noisy though in July/August because of the taparias on the square (Taparias close 1-2 AM)
Beachfront apartment Tarifa on Los Lances

One of the best places to stay in Tarifa: right on the beach. In Lowseason: kitebeach! Click to learn more.

Accommodation tips for Tarifa Spains

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  • Hotel La Torre Close to the beach on the N340 (5km outside Tarifa Town). I love the location. Close the kitebeaches, surfbeaches. A car is quite essential. The restaurant is delicious. They grow most of their own vegetables and fruit. They have a sauna, jacuzzi and chill-out garde Tangana Best place to stay if you are here for kitesurf or windsurf only. Cosy little bungalows at Valdevaqueros beach. Busy in July/August. Nice for families.


Boutique hotels in Tarifa

Tarifa accomodation from 90 euro’s per night.

  • Dar Cilla. There is no better view of Tarifa and Morocco than from here. I used to be a host here and that view I saw every evening on the terrace is just it. It’s eight beautifully renovated apartments equipped with all you need. The 800 year old wall goes straight through it. Passionately run by Zoe and Martina.

The view from Dar Cilla Guesthouse. Click to learn more.

Hotel in the old town of Tarifa

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  • Aristoy New fancy accommodation venue in the center of the old town. With swimming pool.
  • El Riad Cosy Moroccon/Andalucia styled B&B with hammam. In the old town, close to everything but far from noise.
  • Cortijo el Pozuela, a charming B&B, surrounded by nice gardens, close to the beach, very nice breakfast, a 2 km walk out of town. They have bicycles you can take.

Group accommodation in Tarifa

Beachfront house in Tarifa, Spain

Next time I’ll stay here! Click to learn more

Hotels in the old town of Tarifa

  • Dar Cilla. There is no better view of Tarifa and Morocco than from here. It’s a guesthouse with self-sufficient appartments.
  • El Riad Cosy Moroccon/Andalucia styled B&B with hammam. In the old town, close to everything but far from noise.
  • Room Tarifa Superfriendly staffed accommodation in the old town. Top location.
  • Casa Blanco Stylish modern accommodation in an authentic Moorish style house. In the center of town. Relaxed rooftop terrace to chill or watch the people down in town. Open all year round.
  • Benali Guesthouse Fully furnished apartments in a great location in the old town. Very nice architecture. Romantic. Could be noisy though in July/August because of the taparias on the square (Taparias close 1-2 AM)

Hostels in the old town of Tarifa

  • Sulok Hostel New hostel in the Old towns mainstreet. Perfect location with all bars nearby but not in the middle of it.
  • Pinkhouse Central   hostal Centrally located with a nice rooftop terrace
  • Hostal Africa – In the old town, nice views from the rooftop terrace.

Rent a holiday home in Tarifa

With my parents I stayed once in an oase in Valdevaqueros: Casa Palmeral. Best view to see when it’s kite ‘o clock, hammock, and chill-out garden. Just perfect! Here’s the link to this rental house.


Where I stayed with my parents once. Best view over Tarifa and Valdevaqueros! Click to learn more.

Other websites to find a holiday house to rent in Tarifa: Taha Has a few nice listing in the countryside, as well as rural houses elsewhere in the Costa de la Luz. Flipkey is tripadvisors database which dozens of house rental options in Tarifa Homeaway has one of the largest databases of houses in Tarifa Homelidays has the most extensive choice of rentalhouses in Spain, including Tarifa.

Booking has holiday houses, villas and rural house rent as well these day. Atraveo also has +20 options on holiday house rental in Tarifa

Longterm housing Tarifa

The housing market in Tarifa is supercomplicated. About every 20 meters there is a real estate agent. Not even speaking yet about the individuals intervening for rooms and apartments. The Tarifenas earn in the summer to survive the winter months. The earlier in the season you’ll be in Tarifa, the better your chances are for a nice and affordable place. If you arrive in March, you’re set for the season. If you arrive in April or later it comes down to your investigative spirit and a bit of luck. Cuanto cuesta? A room in a shared place: 200-300 euro’s per month. A studio/one bedroom apartment: 350-450 euro per month Larger apartments: 400-800 per month. Prices triple in July and August! So how to set your place for the season? Spread the word around town! Check the notes in the library, Cafe’s (Café Azul, Cafe de la Luz, Café Blanco), sports center, local grocery shops. Repeat. Websites to check for rooms or apartments are , There are also 2 facebook groups dealing with this: Tarifa Room Mate and Room and Apartments Tarifa. Best is worth of mouth. So learn the language! Best investment you can make.


Eating & Drinking in Tarifa

It’s good that in Tarifa it’s all about activity and the outdoors cause it has more than 180 café’s, bars and restaurants offering delicious dishes, tapas, home made ice-creams, cocktails and canas (glass of draft beer) for little money! There’s no escape.

Tarifeando in the Old Town

Where to go for a local style breakfast in Tarifa?

A typical desayuno (breakfast) 8-11 AM: Café con leche (coffee with milk), Tostada aceite tomate (toast with olive oil and pured tomato), and zumo de naranja (orange juice). You won’t find tastier oranges than here! I prefer to go to the local local style places, which you’ll find at every corner, especially outside the oldtown. You’ll get a breakfast deal for 2 euro’s and you get to soak op the Spanish ambiance. El Burgato cafe, Café central, el Tapeo, La Tarifena playa, Toni y Jesus, or the market, are a few of my favourite places for breakfast. Another typical Spanish breakfast: Churros con chocolate (untranslatable, just try:)) at Churrería La Palmera, one of THE places for churros in Tarifa. For an ‘international’ non-Spanish style breakfast? Café Azul, Bossa Bar, Surla or Café Diez are nice options.

What to eat and where to go for tapas in Tarifa?

Lunch (Almuerzo) (14.00 – 16.00) is the main dish and the locals like to take their time for it. At 18.00 ish it’s merienda time when you have a coffee or tea and something sweet. After 21.00 places re-ope again for la cena (dinner) which is mostly sharing a few tapas here and there. I’m a big fan of eating tapas (little bites) and raciones (=plate). A few favourites:

  • El Frances (closed on thursday). Try: Patatas Bravas and the red wine
  • Lola: Delicious tapas. Has something for everyone, whether you love meat, fish or are vegetarian.
  • Veradero: Local style place for fish and sea food anything!
  • El Burgato: Passionate owner and de-li-cious tapas. I love the gambas aljillo here!
  • Melli: popular and for a reason! Must try here: revuelto and tuna.
  • Mobydick: A distinct tapas menu, with more vegetarian options than in the average tapasbar.
  • La Jara: On plaza Alameda. Superbueno local food and always many local guests. For a reason…
  • Anca Curro: Home breeded and made Iberian ham! I’m against meat for food but this is the purest form you can find.
  • La Bodega: local style and cheap taperia in the center of town
  • La Esquinita: infront of the Guardia Civil. Delicious some-made style tapas. Big portions for a little price. No cola (waiting line) in high season.
  • Toni Y Jesus: superlocal cheap tapas bar just outside the old town (Across Kiteschool Bull)
  • El Rancho: 2km out of town. Just off the N340. Real Tarifa. Super local, authentic and delicious. Nice terrace.

TIP: Tapas are usually only served in the bar area or standing around wine barrels. Terraces often only allow raciones or media raciones.

No feeling like eating tapas but other delicious food: Eco center. A bit more pricy but worth it! All organic and vegetarian. Chilimosa: Delicious vegetarian place . Best paella en Tarifa? El Mirlo! Best pizza en Tarifa? Ecocenter, El tribu, and Pachamama. Asian/Indian/Moroccan food? Souk.

Tarifa’s best vegetarian / Vegan food places and restaurants: Chilimosa, Ecocenter, Coco Rock Cafe, Souk.

What’s the party place to be in town?

The street! Every night there is something happening somewhere. Beer index is very varied. I’m especially an expert on the budget places ;). In la Onda, Arde, Sunset bar, and Aloha the beers are 1 euro. In Tacoway and Aloha you have very nice cocktails for 3 euro until 11PM. Tarifa lacks good dancing places. When there is lifemusic you can sometimes make a move. Other dancing possibilities are in Mombasa, Pepepotamos, Mosquito, Café del Mar, all opening after 1 AM more or less. Occasionally La Ruina or Posito allows for a disco step.

Besides the many many events that are organised in Tarifa weekly (look at posters), the following events are quite fixed:

  • Tuesdays: Language Xchange in Bossa (20.00). Aperetivo in Almedino (21.00). Live music in El Blanco (22.30). Jam del Estrecho (As from May)
  • Wednesdays: Language Exchange in Aloha (21.00). Live music in Moby Dick
  • Thursdays: Live music in Aloha. Live music in Tomatito. Flamenco in Almedina (23.00). Salsa in Mosquito (23.00)
  • Fridays: Language Xchange in Bossa (20.00) live music in Bien-Star (22.00). Nice one!
  • Sundays: Live music in Eco Center (21.30) and Pachamama (20.00)(along the N340)
  • Tarifa old town

Digital Nomad life in Tarifa

Digital Nomad community

Tarifa attracts quite some digital nomads. Check FLAKS! for a Kite/Work holiday for Adventurous entrepreneurs. Together with Elmar I set these up. After two years of camps with loads of fun and having built a great community I permanently moved to the ocean. Elmar continues to organize Flaks in Tarifa and more camps in other destinations. Johannes from WebWorkTravel organises digital nomad Meet-ups in Tarifa. He set up the digital nomad Tarifa Facebook group where you can connect with digital nomad working and living in Tarifa.

Digital Nomad blogs

Digital Nomads that wrote digital nomad things on Tarifa:

Good wifi spots in Tarifa

A digital nomad needs GOOD wifi. These are nice wifi working places:

  • Bossa Bar (9.30-14.00 / 18.00 – 01.00)
  • Café 10 10.00-10.00 Often busy but central
  • La Tarifena playa Open all day. Best bread and pastelerias of Tarifa. Nice views over Los Lances.
  • Stoked surf bar (next to the blue appartment building, beach side) 1,50 euro breakfast (tostada aceite /tomate)
  • Convento 10.00 – 10.00 Cheap and quiet.
  • BEST Pro center 10.30 – 22.00 Nice chill out garden, good coffee, breakfast & lunch.
  • Pachamama All day. Here you can cool down in the swimming pool once in a while
  • WET cafe 1 km out of town. Chill garden, good coffee and awesome sandwiches.
  • Waves Bar at the beach. Goof wifi, nice view!
  • El Chozo Very inspirational to write, view over Tarifa & Africa. It’s the bar of Camping Torre de la pena. Quiet in the mornings and afternoons.
  • Library is also nice if you really want some peace. It has free wifi and is open 9.30 – 12.30 and 17.00 – 20.00. Summer opening hours: 09.00 – 14.00.

Top food places & beach bars mapped out:


  • Language. Most useful phrases Una cana = a draft beer (1 euro). Cafe con leche = espresso coffee wit milk Mañana= tomorrow (or never ;)). El viento = the wind. See you later = hasta luego
  • Budget. Average daily spending budget style: 30 euro’s. Luxury style: 100 euro’s.
  • Money ATMs are only in the old town and on the main street with all the shops (Batalla del Salado).
  • Sim card. It’s easy to get a local simcard here. Vodafone and Orange have the best coverage. Yoigo is cheapest. It costs about 15 euro and usually you get the same amount of credit with it. It’s helpful to get one if you stay around for a while.
  • Where to park in Tarifa? In and close around the old town there are paid parking zoned (blue sidewalks). If you park a few meters further it’s free. It’s usually walking distance. Along the strait of Gibraltar there are usually some spots. Or close to the Plaza de Toros (Bullfight ring). Blue lines is paid parking. Yellow sidewalk is no parking. Your car will get dragged away (minimum costs 65 euro’s)
  • Safety: Tarifa is safe. Do keep an eye on kitegear on the beach and don’t leave kitegear or phones in the car overnight. Common sense.
  • Shopping in Tarifa. Come with an empty suitcase cause. Tarifa has an abundance of affordable local boutique shops, local designers and all cool surfbrands. Prices are very affordable. Name a (kite)surf brand and you can find it here. Those prices don’t change though. You’ll mostly find clothes, jewellery, handcrafts and surf, kitesurf , windsurf and mountainbike gear. Tarifa also has about 10 Chinese Bazaars where they basically have everything!
  • Business hours 10.00 – 14.00 and 18.00 – 21.00 (More or less!)Vincy working on

Thoughtful Travel Take-aways

  • Although it may not look like it cause everyone is out there consuming on the street, the financial situation is not all sunshine and sunflowers. Go to local little supermercado’s, fruteria’s, heladerias, panaderia and pasterlerias. The local entrenpreneurs put their heart and soul in their businesses and need you! ! They are what make the place. So skip the big supermarket and go for a local experience.
  • Learn a few words of Spanish. Although Tarifa is quite international, all local business goes in Spanish. It’s nice to exchange some words with the local waiter or vendor. Especially if you’re coming for a longer stay, learn Spanish! You’ll manage without but you’ll get so much more out of it if you speak it a little
  • You can drink the tapwater in Tarifa. Though I don’t do it anymore because of high calcium. Here are water filter solutions for traveling.
  • When you meet someone (even if you don’t know them (yet) you give 2 kisses!
  • Adapt yourself to Spanish ‘o clock to get the most out of your time here! Local business times: 10.30 – 14.00 & 17.30 – 22.00 with occasional unannounced changes or close ups. Local eating times: Breakfast 9.00- 12.00. Lunch: 14.00. Diner: 21.00) Don’t even try to have diner before 21.00. Until around 02.00 la calle is where it happens. For the footloose, the dancing starts late. After 02.00. But then… :). The beach early morning is a beautiful place to be.

More resources for Tarifa

The scenic route in Tarifa

Welcome to Tarifa! Que te pásalo bien!!

By no means this is a complete guide of things to do and see in Tarifa. It’s meant to be a starting point of what I think is useful for the adventure people to know and how you can easily start exploring on your own! I have SO much more tips and insights to give for Tarifa. I didn’t reveal my best insider tips, secret kite-spots and hidden gems. Curious to know more? Invite me for a coffee or cana or virtual coconut and I’m happy to share some more enthusiasm about Tarifa.

Disclaimer. This Tarifa travel guide includes my personal recommendations and that only. Some links contain affiliate links and if you book via my site I earn a few pesos to keep this website going.Thank you! Things change frequently here. May you notice any inaccurate information, please let me know so it can help the next adventurer! Thank you for your support!

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Tweet: Adventure & Kitesurf travel guide of Tarifa, Spain @oceanpreneur

Tweet: Adventure & Kitesurf travel guide of Tarifa, Spain @oceanpreneur

Complete guide on Kitesurf trip to Tarifa Spain


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  • Francine says:

    Can I walk my dog offlead on Tarifa beaches?

  • Hee,

    Ik had een vraagje. Wij willen aankomende zomer weer naar Tarifa, in 2011 zijn we er ook geweest maar dit jaar willen we rijden, met hond en 3-6 weken.

    Nu zijn we op zoek naar een huis waar we met 5 personen + Hond in kunnen, en als het kan een beetje tuin waar de hond zich kan vermaken en redelijk dichtbij de kiespots.

    Ik hoop dat je ons kan helpen.


    • Suzanne says:

      Hey Ruben!
      Dank voor je bericht. Ik ga voor je rondvragen! Tuin is lastig maar wel te vinden. Vertrek morgen voor een zeiltocht over de oceaan (no wifi) Ik kom er rond de jaarwisseling op terug! Groetjes, Suzanne

  • kevin says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Firstly, I really enjoyed your guide, thank you for taking the time to write it. I have a couple of questions, any advice would be much appreciated!

    Last summer I spent the summer working (but not teaching) at a kiteshop in California. Since then I have been living in France, kiteboarding and snowkiting every once in a while but mainly improving my french and finishing up my bachelors degree. I was thinking of taking the IKO instructor course in Tarifa at the end of this June, with the intent of continuing to live the summer, and perhaps even the following year in Tarifa, teaching kitesurfing and taking courses in Spanish.

    With that being said, I was wondering if you had any comments on how to choose a kiteschool to work with, before I go picking blindly from the numerous options. Especially since I would be limited to teaching only in English or French, as I’m currently a beginner in Spanish.

    In addition, I would definitely be interested in a long term camping option for the summer, or at least as long as it takes me to realize I’d prefer to have an apartment and find one suitable. Do you have any suggestions for camping long term?


    • Suzanne says:

      Hi Kevin!
      Thank you!:) Glad to hear you enjoyed the read and cool you’re coming to Tarifa! You won’t regret it.
      KTS gives the IKO course and may have some opportunities to work with. Great school. There are SO many kiteschools in Tarifa. I would contact some in advance and see if they need a instructor for summer. Most schools only take few fixed instructors and get freelancers when needed. You could also choose to do that. Still, when you are in Tarifa locally everything is easier. In June though many jobs may have been taken already. And I went longterm camping last summer at camping Torre de la Pena and LOVED it. Nice nature. Tarifa is busy in August and it’s nice to escape the town. Highseason it was around 15 euro/night. I also camped at Rio Jara for a fair bit which was logistically easier and cheaper (10 euro/night). I might go camping again this summer too.
      Good luck! and see you soon in Tarifa!

  • Tom says:

    He Suzanne

    Ik heb een klein vraagje. Ik ben 18 en wil deze zomer na m’n eindexamen eigenlijk een paar weekjes in Tarifa zitten om daar te kiten. Ik heb een beetje rond gezocht naar de hostels maar nu zie ik dat de meeste mensen daar vaak niet langer dan 4 dagen blijven en het lijkt mij juist nou net zo leuk om een plek te hebben waar mensen ook 1 a 2 maanden daar zitten.

    Weet jij toevallig nog opties waar ik zoiets zou kunnen vinden? Of anders tips?


    • Suzanne says:

      Hey Tom!
      Bedankt voor je berichtje! In de hostels is het een grote mix. Ik heb best wat mensen ontmoet die weken in MeltingPot of Facundo hebben gezeten. Vorig jaar is Tarifa Hostel uit de grond gestampt. Lijkt me ook een prima optie voor je! Ziet er chill uit. Je zou ook een airBNB kamer kunnen nemen bij een local. Juli en Augustus is top hoogseizoen en accommodatie raakt vol dus als je die maanden komt, hoe sneller je boekt hoe beter, meer keus. De campings hebben altijd plek (wat ook heel gaaf is!, ik heb nog wel een tent liggen) dus er zijn altijd wel mogelijkheden hoor als je liever niet te veel vooruit boekt. Tot in Tarifa! En succes met je eindexamen! Suzanne

  • Roderick says:

    Hey Suzanne,

    Wat een leuk artikel,

    Heb nog twee vragen mijn vriendin wil leren surfen, waar ik als startend kitesurfer graag mijn ervaring wil uitbreiden. Weet jij een leuke school waar beide mogelijk is en heb ook wat surfhouses gezien online heb jij daar ervaring mee en welke zou je kunnen aanbevelen.

    Thanks alvast



  • Roderick says:

    Beste Suzanne

    Wat een leuk artikel! Ik heb nog 2 vragen mijn vriendin wil gaan leren surfen en ikzelf ben een beginnend kitesurfer die ook nog een paar lessen wil volgen. Weet jij een school waar dat beide mogelijk is en heb je ervaring met de surfhouses in Tarifa.



    • Suzanne says:

      Hey Roderick!
      Bedankt voor je leuke reactie! Het is OF wind OF surfen in Tarifa maar vrijwel nooit beide. Julian van SurfersResidence biedt beide aan. Arte Vida ook. GiselaPulidoProCenter biedt kitesurf en SUP lessen aan. De meeste surfhouses ken ik wel. Bianca (Nederlands) managed Girlsloveboards en biedt ook accommodatie aan koppels. Wanneer wil je komen en wat zoek je precies? Aan de hand daarvan kan ik wellicht wat gerichter iets adviseren. Tarifa is iedere maand een ander verhaal namelijk :)
      Laat maar weten mocht je meer vragen hebben!

  • Elliot says:

    Hello – great article. Thanks

    Can you post the Facebook groups you mention – the ones that let you discuss long term rentals


    • Suzanne says:

      Hey Elliot,

      Thanks! I added them! :) Hasta pronto en Tarifa!

      • Ynske says:

        iiiHi Suzanne,

        Via Kira kwam ik op je blog. Momenteel ben ik in Malaga en nu op zoek naar n accomodatie voor 2, vanaf maandag tm zaterdag in de buurt van Tarifa. T is vrij lastig, maar mogelijk heb jij nog tips? We horen t graag Dennis & Ynske

        • Suzanne says:

          Hey Ynske! Leuk dat je mijn blog bezoekt:) Het is een van de drukste weken in Tarifa dus accommodatie is een uitdaging. Ik raad aan een tent te kopen en op de camping te gaan staan! Is echt ge-wel-dig! Lekker in de natuur & niet duur. Beste camping: Torre de la pena. OF kijk naar accomodatie in Facinas Wellicht wel zo leuk deze tijd van het jaar! Veel plezier en wie weet tot in Tarifa! Groetjes, Suzanne

          • Ynske says:

            Hi Suzanne,
            Dank voor je snelle reactie, wij gaan je advies opvolgen en zo een tent kopen en naar de camping! Leuk als we je tegenkomen deze week, wanneer geef jij de rondleiding door de stad? Groetjes, Ynske

          • Suzanne says:

            Hey Ynske! Geweldig! Rio Jara Camping het dichts bij het stadje en op het strand. Torre de la pena en Camping Tarifa zijn ook prachtig. Las dunas en Valdevaqueros ook, mooi in de natuur alleen iets verder van het stadje. Rondleiding is iedere dag 10.30! Verzamelen voor het toerisme bureau. Aanrader! Veel plezier en wie weet to van de week. Suzanne

  • So great, superthanx!

    I thinking about going to Tarifa from April to end of July to learn kitesurfing. I have done a course in Sweden, but I´m a superbeginner and needs to take it slowly… How´s the kitesurf for beginners in Tarifa? Is there any flatwater? :D

    • Kasia says:

      Hi Emmi,

      It looks like you will have loads of time to learn kitesurfing so you should be pro by the end of your holiday. Learing in Tarifa can be demanding sometimes but for sure there is loads of wind which makes progress more constant.

  • Tomek says:

    Hi Suzanne ! It is really nice article !
    See you around in Tarifa !
    Relax, Kite, Go Easy!

  • Emmi says:

    Where can I find flatwater in Tarifa and other beaches closeby? :)

    • Suzanne says:

      If you have levante wind (from the east) the water is flat/choppy-ish. For real flat water you have to choose another destination like El Gouna, Alvaro, or Dakla. Tarifa has a lagoon but it’s prohibited to kite there as it’s a birth breeding area.

  • MaggieMay says:

    Great information for Tarifa! I’m printing out everyhtiing and using it as a guide ;)

    Can you tell me what the weather generally is like in October (1st and 2nd week)? Would the water be warm enough for swimming as well?


    • Suzanne says:

      Thank you:)

      October week 1 and 2 is perfect! Not too quiet, not too busy. The water is never warm in Tarifa but warm enough for a swim. Surface temperature I think 22-23 degrees around that time.

  • Quality articles or reviews is the important to interest the visitors to go to see the
    web site, that’s what this web site is providing.

  • Hanna says:

    I just wanted to thank you for putting so much wonderful information in one place!! I’m currently travelling Europe in my camper and love the Tarifa vibe. Looking forward to exploring a little more thanks to your insider tips :)

    Veel bedankt ~ Hanna x

  • Stuart says:

    Well done Suzanne!

    I’ve read lots about Tarifa, as much as I can, and your guide is easily the best that I have read
    Thanks for taking the time, and investing the effort

    Muchos gracias!!

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